Tako Glass Shines at The 66th American Scientific Glassblower Symposium

The 66th American Scientific Glassblower Symposium


The 66th American Scientific Glassblower Symposium, which took place from Monday, June 26 to Friday, June 30, 2023, at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington, provided an exceptional platform for demonstrating the ingenuity and creativity of scientific glassblowing. Tako Glass, a renowned figure in the industry, participated with distinction in the range of activities lined up by the event's organizers, The American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS).

The symposium was a fusion of enlightening seminars, interactive workshops, and live demonstrations, as well as a networking hub for glassblowing enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners alike. Tako Glass was prominently involved in these activities, showcasing its innovative practices, sharing knowledge, and engaging in intellectual discussions about the advancements in the glassblowing industry.

One of the highlights for Tako Glass was participating in the Allan B. Brown Glassblowing Workshop. This highly esteemed workshop offered an immersive hands-on experience in advanced scientific glassblowing techniques. Under the proficient guidance of industry experts, Tako Glass acquired new skills, refined existing ones, and took part in enlightening discourse on cutting-edge techniques and emerging trends.

The workshop was organized into two separate days of instruction, each comprising of four hours on the lathe and four hours on the bench. This division not only allowed a thorough exploration of each aspect but also offered flexibility for participants to sign up for one or both days based on their interests and skill level.

Tako Glass leveraged this learning opportunity, participating in both days of the workshop. This offered the team a comprehensive insight into the nuances of scientific glassblowing, reinforcing their proficiency on the lathe and the bench.

In addition to the skills acquisition, the networking opportunities at the symposium were unparalleled. Tako Glass mingled with peers, industry veterans, and budding glassblowers, exchanging experiences, insights, and forging new alliances. These interactions served as a reminder of the spirit of camaraderie and mutual growth that defines the scientific glassblowing industry.

The 66th American Scientific Glassblower Symposium proved to be a rewarding experience for Tako Glass. The opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, showcase its own expertise, and connect with industry peers were of immense value. The knowledge and connections gained will undoubtedly serve to propel Tako Glass to new heights in the scientific glassblowing industry.

Tako Glass expresses its gratitude to The American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) for organizing such a fantastic event that not only fosters learning and skill enhancement but also champions the cause of scientific glassblowing in today's era of technological advancements.

As Tako Glass continues its journey in the scientific glassblowing industry, it carries the rich experiences, learnings, and memories from the 66th American Scientific Glassblower Symposium, all of which serve as stepping stones to future innovation and success.