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Unique piece

I know Tako puts a lot of care into taking pictures, but the colors on this piece pop way more in person. I don't own any other pipes with the carb on the front of the bowl, so that's cool. If you chill the piece in the freezer for 20-25 minutes, it does have a noticeable cooling effect on the smoke.

Super thick

I really like how thick the glass is. More blue than purple really but nice sparkle to the coloring overall.

Nice piece, smokes AWESOME

Frosty Honeycomb

Wicked Glass


Beautiful piece from an amazingly talented glass artist. Thank you, Tako!

Excellently worked glass art

Very well done piece. Came exactly as discussed. Great colors, sturdy, and nice hand grip.

Dazed by Dichro Sherlock 7
Johnathan M.
Love labrat

I already own one labrat sherlock so i knew what i was getting into. I believe labrat has some great dichro work at just the right price. Cheaper than most for the amount of work that goes into it.

7.5" Steam Roller
Kristen D.
Love it

This piece is great and the colors are coming out amazingly

Purple Nebula Opal Drop Hammer 2
Corey H.
Was my favorite..

Sad to say within a month of purchase.. my roommates cat ends up breaking it.. heartbroken but never the less great quality. Farewell tako:(

Tack Hammer 5
Thomas F.
Unique feel

I choose the tack hammer based upon the unique shape and style, it’s colorful and fits in the hand perfectly, small-medium bowl size works well

Tack Hammer 1
Sienna T.

Small size fits in pocket👍👍

Honey Hammer 3
Aaron B.
The Honey Hammer is a CHAMP

I am so in love with the detail, the smooth rips it provides, the ease of cleaning, the fumed glass changes into such a deep purple with use, and it simply all comes together in such a nice package. Thank you💝

Purple Nebula PullSlide 1
Best Glass EVER

My favorite glass piece I've ever bought. The detail is 2nd to none and you could literally stare at it for hours. It's beautiful!!

Mango Seashell Pipe 2
Amazing piece

Stunning Piece, fits perfectly in my hand. So beautiful!

Work of art

This slide is everything I hoped for. Looks amazing, weight feels good in my hand, and it provides a nice smooth pull. That opal disc is something else! This is my 2nd Tako piece, I can't wait to add more to my collection.

Willys chillum

I’ve recently bought 7 pieces from you in the last couple weeks . This chillum is what I’ve been using the most . I think for the price it’s the best way to go . I bought the opal chillum too I think it was $185 the purple was $85 . So I think I would stick with the $85 choice . It’s just as awesome , minus the opal planet . So anyways the purple chillum is perfect . I will b contacting you about a custom pipe idea I have.. I’m a union ironworker out of Chicago .. 27 years at it.. and was thinking of getting a spud wrench made of glass and maybe a structural bolt as a separate chillum piece.. that fits the mouth of the wrench. With some cool silver/gray /blue / metallics .. I would like it to full size as the wrenches we use . I can send pictures And dimensions If that something you can make happen . Maybe after the first one depending on how much I’m sure I could move a few more if your up for making them .. I’m a foreman for a steel erection company. And most of the dudes ther work with me would dig some like that .. I will contact you soon thanks!!

Amazing Work

Couldn’t be happier with the slide. Amazing craftsmanship and the customer service was on point. Will def be coming back for some more tako glass in the future.

Custom Ping Pong Bowl
Dane S.
Well worth the time and money

I had a great time through the whole experience. Tako is a great guy that works really hard to make you the exact product you want. It took a little time to be made but the final results were perfect; well worth the money. I highly recommend this guy if you’re looking for custom glassware!

Purple Nebula size Large 10
Robert A.

Beautiful work. Awesome custom order and super nice to talk with on the phone. Thanks Tako. Your glass has a new home in FL

Purple Plasma Pipe 15
Purple Plasmatic Attack!

Absolutely stunning. Solid in the hand, a pleasure to behold. The depth of color is easy to get lost in, with layered contrast and textures that have been sculpted folded molded and pulled in to…sorry, it got away from me at the end there.

It’s a niece piece.

Clear 10mm Travel Rig

It’s an overall delight to use and, very portable.

Great chillum!

So grateful for this purple piece, it works great and delivers a fine hit, I use it daily and thankful for Tako skills, haven’t seen anything as good

Mini Steam Roller
Alisha B.
High Quality Glass

I've ordered a chillum & a Steamroller from Tako, very impressed with the quality and customer service.. Definitely would recommend 👌


Stunning design, thick glass, deep bowl, and perfect hole and carb size. I don't know what else I could ask for.

Experimenta Jade Sparkle Pipe 7
Ashton R.
Experimental Jade Sparkle Pipe 7

Absolutely beautiful exactly as pictures portrayed, I absolutely couldn't believe it. Thick glass not worried about it breaking, a absolute work of art.