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Locals Choice Pipe 1
Kimberley L.
Great Purchase

This pipe arrived early and was exactly as pictured. Performs beautifully.

Snake skin sherlock pipe 3

Beautiful piece of functional glass art, and super fast shipping. I am absolutely satisfied!

The thing works amazingly!

Great compact sherlock

Feels great in the hand. It’s smaller than I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. Small enough to fit in a generous pocket. Bowl is a little close to the draw, but not so much as to be annoying. The skull design is very nice. Recommended as an easy, compact home unit with travel potential.

Purple Nebula Glass Pipe

Zanfirico Sherlock 2
Mark B.

Beautiful and functional

Purple Nebula Pocket Pipe 1

Perfect little pipe. Bought it as a replacement for a cheap, but decent pipe that broke. I'm a sucker for anything purple. Just love the color. Once I saw the nebula pipe, plasma chillums and plasma pipe I just had to have em. Bought them suckers up. All of em are really cool lookin. Well worth the $ just based on cool factor alone, but also well worth the $ for overall quality. What else can I say? Sick.

My new favorite

This was my first hand-blown piece and it’s beautiful, becomes more beautiful the more you use it, and has fabulous heft. Can’t wait to get a my next piece of art…thinkin melty hammer!!! Thank you!

Replaced a broken gandalf

I had bought me and a friend two unique woodgrain gandalfs for Xmas, unfortunately his got broken not very much later. I reached out and had a replacement in the works within days. A1 customer service and will definitely order again. Thanks again !

Phoenix Opal Portal Chillum 8
Betsy G.

These pieces are absolutely beautiful 😍

Love It

This piece, for me, is the perfect combo of affordable yet high quality. Super, super, smooth hits that retain those tasty terps. I was looking for a new piece since my last once broke and this was exactly what I needed in the form of an upgrade.

Thick Fume Chillum 8
Anthony W.

This shop is one of a kind. Spent a few years trying to find art like yours. God bless Tako and comapny!!

Switchback Chillum 4
Tyler H.

Everything is wonderful I love my peice. I only wish the part where the "tobacco" goes was I little deeper but that's just my prefence

Dragon Glass

I received my dagger last evening in the mail. Exquisite as the scene in Game of Thrones when Aria kills the Ice King with a Dragon Glass Dagger. Named simply, "Killer," this thing fits and hits perfect! I am excited about the juxtaposition Tako has here with the Egyptian-style simplicity of the chamber, coloring and marbling combining to make an intricate useful showpiece. Hi Mom, I've got it made with this dagger from Tako! The Ice King is DEAD! Killer killed him, dog!


Third Rock From the Sun

This piece is amazing. I prefer hammers to the typical spoon design and Tako had something special in mind when he made this. I feel like Poseidon, able to control the vast Earthly Seas and defeat my enemies easily with one swing of this hammer! I call it the Third Rock From the Sun as an ode to Tako's skilled craftmanship on all three planet opals, in particular the third and largest. How it turned electric greens AND neon purples I'll never know ... BUT I DO KNOW I'LL BE BACK FOR MORE!


Rone Marbled Glass Pipe 17
Killer pipe

Super stoked on this pipe. Was delivered quickly, and looks even better in person. Absolutely RIPS

Dichro 4 Strip Glass Pipe 7
scott h.
Thumbs up

Perfect spoon /size,and bowl and colors good job

Gun Dabber
Steve E.

Gun Dabber

Aqua Cosmic Sparkle 14mm Pull Slide in Cotton Candy
My dabber is better than your dabber!

Absolutely gorgeous dabber! Wonderfully made and will be put to good use.

Purple Ghost Black Planet Opal Pipe 1
Aaron C.
Purple Ghost Black Planet Opal 1

A truly fantastic pipe that continues to develop color with use! The quality of the work is exceptional, and the sheer weight feels so good in your hands.

Lil Ben Fume Bowl
Bowls bowls bowls

Love my two new bowls. Seriously can’t wait for them to make down stems and more 14mm bowls

Purple Explosion Sherlock Pipe

A fun Chill um

A great small piece. A smooth smoke for when you need a little pick me up or calm me down. It looks beautiful, too.

Purple Gandalf 11
Steve E.

Purple Gandalf 11

Claw Hammer 8
William H.
Beautiful and Functional

This piece, like the others we've purchased from Tako, is just beautiful to look at. The hand feel and the functionality of it are very impressive. We love each of the pieces we have received and love using them.