Made In America

Good morning, Tako Glass is a family run business made in America. Made in America is important to me because I love this country and the people in it. My grandfather fought in WWII and is a D-Day survivor (One can see his video story at the WWII monument in Washington DC). Tako Glass is run by myself (Tako) and my wife Beezy. We have our two young boys that run around the shop too. Actually only our 4 year old runs around, our 6 month old is not crawling yet. lol. We feel very blessed to work from home so we can be around our children and teach them the value of hard work and long hours. 

Supporting Tako Glass is supporting our family and the families of over 160 other independent artists that we are lucky enough to call friends. Your support directly goes to buying groceries, paying for sports programs for the kids, gas for the cars, a night out with the family at the locally owned burger restaurant or breakfast place. Not some corporate CEO's second vacation house on a lake. The money comes into our small town community and gets spent here. 

So many of the other artists we work with have families too. My good friend at Molten Imagination Glass lives in PDX, has a wife and two beautiful children. Molten makes the chunky THICK AND TWISTED SPOONS that are only available here at Tako Glass. I have known Molten Imagination for over 15 years, waaaay before we had family and we were just eating subway sandwiches during work trips to Vegas. It feels great every time to place an order with them knowing we are supporting the glass community, supporting a small family run business, supporting a long time friend, and supporting made in USA. 

We are so honored to be Made in the USA and to be able to collaborate with so many other Made in USA artists. I could never imagine this dream becoming a reality but am so happy and blessed to be living in it right now.