Meet the Artist: Slob Glass

Here at Tako Glass we have the privelege of working with so many amazing glass artists from around the United States. One of the reasons why we do what we do is so we can support other artists and promote their incredible work, keeping the glass blowing world alive and in the spotlight. 

We would like to reintroduce one of the artists that provides us with outstanding glass pieces, Slob Glass! Robby Adolph aka the owner and creator of Slob Glass, was born and raised in Huntington Beach California and still lives there today. He feels lucky to be in a place full of glass blowing opportunities and heady glass. There are tons of shops and studios around Orange County making it easy for Robby to build relationships with other artists and stores that sell glass. He loved art from an early age, getting into painting and printmaking in classes he took in high school and college, and Robby quickly started thinking about making art a lifestyle and career. 

Some of Slob Glasses favorite artists are Dwrech, Jop, Gasp, Slinger, Dale Sommers, Hoobs, Boom Felazi and Chow, to name a few. Robby got into blowing glass while he was managing a dispensary in 2011 where he met some people who introduced him to some glass blowers. He said he was hooked from the start and bought a torch almost immediately. The rest is history!

Slob Glass gets inspriation from the classic headies that use wild color patterns, but says his true inspiration is from human connection. Spreading love and being with his people is what it's all about! 

Navigating the professional art industry has it's challenges but Robby from Slob Glass quoted Gasp from degenerate art, "you gotta get out there, gotta get your name out there". Robby had the dream of making heady art, hanging with his friends and getting his name into the world. He believes the key to being in the glass industry is communication with customers and just continuing to make art! 

Fully worked, classic shaped sherlocks are Slob Glasses staples! His style is super heady and ranging from wig wag, inside out, lots of line work and bright colors. His hammers, sherlocks, and dab rigs are absolute show stoppers exploding with color. You can see Slob Glasses talent and finenss in everything he creates.

Overtime Slob Glass said he made adjustments and improvements to his style, but kept his methodolgy the same, staying true to where he came from because he likes where he's at. Networking is somewhat easy for Slob Glass because friends are such a huge part of his life and business. He said he feels so blessed to be apart of the epic glass blowing scene in SoCal. 

Pieces made by Slob Glass are priced based on time and material used in creating functional glass art. The glass blown pipe and bong market is intimidating, but Robby at Slob Glass is thankful for all the OGs and young guns pushing the scene to the next level and keeping it going. In the future he hopes the glass market and community cultivates a greater acceptance of glass in homes so pieces can be showcased instead of stashed away. 

Slob Glass envisions his future creating heady glass forever and loving hard. Everything else is just icing on the cake. 


Check out the Slob Glass collection on our website at, and you will see exactly what we are talking about. This guy creates such amazing works of art and you can see how much passion he puts into creating function glass that his customers will love. Nothing says heady quite like Slob Glass.