Get to Know Our Vendors: Introducing Glass Berry Cupcake

Glass Berry Cupcake - Tako Glass


Today, we bring you another exciting edition of "Get to Know Our Vendors." We are proud to introduce a unique artist with a niche in the glass blowing community, the vibrant and dynamic Glass Berry Cupcake.

Roots in Chico, CA

Glass Berry Cupcake hails from Chico, CA, a beautiful town tucked in the verdant expanse of Northern California. Known for its passionate artist community, including local glass blowers, Chico offers a collaborative and engaging environment to share ideas and inspirations. 

Falling in Love with the Torch

With an impressive 26 years of experience wielding the torch, Glass Berry Cupcake's journey began at 16 in Eugene, OR. The torch was a serendipitous discovery, happening upon our artist during a time of youth, exploration, and personal growth. It wasn't long before the love for the craft was deeply ingrained, serving as a pillar for the artistic journey ahead.

Style Evolution Over Time

Years of practice have certainly shaped and diversified Glass Berry Cupcake's artistic style. A wider variety of art products have been added to the repertoire over time, but the old-school Inside-out lines have made a triumphant comeback, proving that classics can indeed compete in a modern market.

A Continual Fountain of Inspiration

The key to Glass Berry Cupcake's creativity is constant inspiration. This is drawn from various events, classes, and shows in the glass industry. But it doesn't stop there; inspiration also comes from the artist's daughters and the drive to provide them with the best possible life. It's a constant reminder of why the artist first picked up the torch and continues to do so every day.

Goals and Dreams

What's next for Glass Berry Cupcake? The horizon is filled with more sculpting and large build pieces, and, of course, the millions of dollars that are sure to follow! However, this ambition is paired with a grounded reality of the artist's challenges.

Challenges in the Artistic Journey

The challenges of being an artist, especially a small business owner, are real and myriad. From managing social media and local outreach to expanding the brand, making sales, and marketing – it's a multi-faceted role that often involves long, demanding days. However, these challenges fuel the artist's determination, knowing that each hurdle cleared is a step closer to achieving artistic goals.

Glass Blown Pipe/ Bong Market Explosion

As the glass-blown pipe/bong market expands at an incredible pace, Glass Berry Cupcake emphasizes the importance of having recognizable art to stand out from the crowd. A quirky and marketable artist name doesn't hurt either. Through resilience, ingenuity, and sheer artistic talent, Glass Berry Cupcake continues to make waves in the market.

Of course, we wouldn't want you to miss out on the stunning pieces crafted by Glass Berry Cupcake. For those who appreciate unique, handcrafted art, or anyone looking to add an exceptional piece to their collection, we invite you to explore more.

Visit the official Glass Berry Cupcake landing page to browse through the exclusive collection of glass-blown pipes. Each piece is a testament to years of expertise, creativity, and a deep-seated passion for the craft.

Don't wait! Elevate your experience and aesthetics with a one-of-a-kind Glass Berry Cupcake creation.