Tako Glass is Unlike Any Other: Where Glassblowing Meets Style!

Glassblowing meets style - Tako Glass

When you purchase a piece from Tako Glass, you are purchasing 100% American-made, handmade, blown glass pipes. You are purchasing from an artist who has spent the better part of two decades honing their craft, with a tremendous amount of care, attention to detail, and skill implemented into everything they create. Before even discussing the artistic approach, it feels so important to stress the function behind the finished product. Because in essence, a great-looking pipe that breaks easily or can’t hold up to usage is a waste of time, effort, and money!


Style: It’s Built Into Every Piece

All artists have their own take on things, and those familiar with my work know I am all about working with super-thick glass and creating the richest, sickest layers of colors. I am known for using various techniques to produce very hard-to-achieve purples and blues, infused with space dust sparkles. I also use all kinds of planetary-inspired opals added for visual and cosmic flair with absolute ergonomic comfort. 


As an artist, one of the most interesting parts of the work is the never-ending search and discovery of inspiration. Having an idea in mind and figuring out how to execute it using a very unpredictable, fluid medium like liquid, molten glass is incredibly experimental every time! So when finished products emerge, carrying a unique colorway, or seeing my signature “nebula” colors come through exactly as envisioned, it’s really a wonderful feeling and experience! And then, releasing these creations into the world for others to own, it’s a real blessing.


Points We Don’t Compromise

In the Tako studio, we are always pushing limits and trying to create works of art that stretch our minds and fantasies. Aside from the purely artistic aspect of the craft, there are a variety of factors we never sacrifice in addition to the inherent beauty and style of everything made on our torches. Here are some points that demonstrate our dedication to functionality, which is what really makes my pieces stand out. 


  • Quality: Quality is super subjective in the world of glass, and cheap glass is usually not great quality. When you buy from Tako Glass, you are getting pieces made of the highest quality possible. We don’t hold back on materials because our intent in creating is to produce the very best glass pipes and bongs we can. We expect our creations to last many years, providing great usage and aesthetic joy. Cutting corners is not part of the operation.


  • Style: Though this is unique to each artist, you won’t get one-of-a-kind style from mass-produced, factory-made glass pipes. If you want fully unique glass pieces, buy from the artists themselves. 


  • Knowledge: Expertise is not learned overnight in any craft, however, with blown glass, the time it takes to achieve mastery may be longer than many other art forms. It requires a tremendous body of scientific knowledge, to be able to produce mind-blowing results. In many cases, you are manipulating glass and working with minerals and other elements to produce colors, textures, and effects that wouldn’t exist otherwise. It’s a science experiment every time with this art form! Not to mention, there is very little room for error because materials are very costly. 



As an artist, it must be said how grateful I am to be able to have a career and lifestyle built around my love of creating. It’s amazing to share my visions with the world and have people out there who collect my work and appreciate all that goes into every piece created in my studio.


Great design is a combination of form and function, enabling full usefulness without sacrificing beauty. Here at Tako Glass, we take that concept so seriously. Everything we create and all of the products we sell created by other artists are required to meet this ideal, and we are proud to offer a collection of products unlike any other.