Love is in the Air: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is Here

Happy Valentine’s Day From Tako Glass


This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates and wilting flowers and go for something that will really whet your lover’s whistle: handmade blown glass Valentine’s Day pipes. Cannabis is the world’s favorite aphrodisiac and nothing gets the romance flowing like a well-packed bowl. 


Read on to learn about our gorgeous collection of pipes curated just for Valentine’s Day. Weed is most definitely our love language!


Watercolor Heart Pipes 

These gorgeous, heart-shaped pipes were crafted by my friend Tera and they are absolutely stunning. They are perfect for display and use, landing right in between sculpture and functionality. Anyone who smokes herb will have hearts in their eyes on Valentine’s Day if they receive one of these. These are seriously so beautiful, they are a great gift for anyone who just appreciates incredible art. 


These heart-shaped hand pipes have an almost abstract quality to them and they feature the loveliest, shiny iridescent glass in bright watercolor shades. The glass is thick and heavy and the bowl sits within the top of the heart, taking nothing away from the shape or feel. These pipes are large at about 4” long, fitting nicely in the palm of the hand with a flat bottom that evokes ocean-tumbled stones. 


Each one is unique in color, variation, and overall style, and we have just a few left in the shop. So if you’re looking for a V-Day gift you won’t find anywhere else, grab one of these Valentine’s pipes ASAP! And, just in time for the holiday, they are currently on sale for just $45.00! 


Hearts and Leopards From Bad Ash Glass

Wanna give your lover something charming, useful, and completely original? The Hearts and Leopards collection from the incredible artist, Bad Ash Glass is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s gift giving. 


These adorable hand pipes feature the classic spoon shape with the raddest leopard-heart print. These are ultra-feminine and have a very fashion-forward look to them. Definitely unlike any other pipes we’ve seen and we love that kind of ingenuity. Handmade with love, these pipes will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 


Another bonus: the Hearts and Leopards pipes are very affordable at just $40.00 each and totally one-of-a-kind! 


Tako Glass Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good idea for any occasion and it’s pretty much guaranteed the receiver will love it! 


Maybe you just started dating someone new and want to impress them with a thoughtful, unique Valentine’s gift that doesn’t overstep any bounds. Perhaps you’d just like to give the gift of autonomy and let your love select something that really speaks to them. 


If your special someone is picky and would prefer to choose their own gift, or perhaps you’re pressed for time, a Tako Glass gift card is a fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates fine, artisan-made blown glass pipes, bongs, and accessories. 


Happy Valentine’s Day From Tako Glass

Valentine’s Day is coming right up and we’ve got just what you need to make your sweetheart swoon. Flowers, candy, and jewelry are nice and typical; if you really want to make an impression and express your affection, glass is forever. Head on over to today and check out the sweetest Valentine’s Gifts around.