Last Minute Gifts? Get Them a Tako Glass Gift Card!

Tako Glass Gift Card


Christmas is just days away and for all of you scrambling to get the last of your shopping done, we are here to tell you to relax! We’ve got you covered. Tako Glass Gift Cards are the ultimate gift, for Christmas, Hanukkah, and just about any other celebration going on. 


Tako Glass Gift Cards

Sometimes you just draw a blank when thinking about what to give someone. Lots of gifts can be meaningful, but perhaps you just want to give a little more. There’s something really wonderful about seeing your loved one’s eyes light up when they are given a gift from the heart that really moves them. Gift cards are a fantastic choice because they are both meaningful and versatile.


Here are a few scenarios when gift cards come in handy: 


  • Stocking Stuffers: Just a little something extra to make their holidays extra special.


  • Last-minute gifts: Time just slips away this time of year and sometimes you need to get a gift in a jiffy! Simply purchase and it gets delivered in minutes. No worries if it’s Christmas Eve and the stores are closed. No worries that what you were looking for has been sold out. A gift card keeps you covered!


  • Don’t know what to give?: Simple gifts get the job done! A gift card allows the gift receiver to choose what they want. No pressure on you while you still give something with meaning.


  • For the pot smoker who has everything: For your most nonmaterialistic friends and loved ones, and those who are content with all they have, buying gifts is always a tricky predicament. A gift card, however, puts the power in their hands to decide what they would like to purchase.


  • Anyone who collects glass pieces: For the collectors among us, what could be lovelier than a gift intended to help them expand their precious collection?


  • Your favorite art connoisseur: And even for the art lovers you know, who may not even have a penchant for burning herb, a Tako Glass gift card still makes an amazing gift because there are endless options in our shop for beautifully-crafted glass works. From one-of-a-kind sculptural glass pieces to jewelry, and pet toys; our selection is sure to entice anyone who enjoys artistic creation.


Give Them the Gift They Want

Do you get the picture of how versatile giving the gift of Tako Glass is? A gift card allows people to purchase items of their choosing. Gift the funds and let them decide on the perfect piece to add to their collection. And the bonus here is that the pressure is taken off your shoulders, allowing you to stress just a little less while also knowing you are giving a great gift.


Glass pipes and bongs are somewhat personal. Of course, they make fabulous gifts, but many people like to savor the process of purchasing because it’s so much more than just a functional object. Especially for those who appreciate the fine artistry of hand-blown glass pieces, which combine a very ancient art form with modern sensibilities. 



Well friends, time’s a-ticking. Christmas is almost here and the perfect gift is as simple to purchase as it gets. Tako Glass Gift Cards are the best gift for anyone on your list who could use something special. So get shopping! There’s very little time left and we’ve got everything you need to have the best holiday season!