Get to know our Vendors! Introducing Bad Ash Glass:


Bad Ash Glass


“We should collab.” 


Sometimes it’s kind of the polite thing to say around glassblowers. It definitely gets talked about a lot but generally goes nowhere. Realistically, it's also hard to collaborate because of everyone’s schedules. 


However, we are super excited to introduce our latest collaboration with Bad Ash Glass. Fortunately, this is one partnership that has gotten off the ground! 


Read on to learn about this incredible artist, her process, and what creating this art means to her. Offering an inside view of the artists we work with is so much fun, and we love to shine the spotlight on others! 


It’s All Badass with Bad Ash Glass


We were really lucky to get to meet up with Bad Ash Glass during Glass.Vegas and connecting the person to the work was such a cool experience. She attended the show with her husband and newborn baby, which was so awesome. Supporting a female glass artist who is also a new mother as she supports her fam is exactly the kind of partnership we love! 


About Her Process 


Bad Ash glass hails from Hesperia, CA and the 100°+ heat is so intense, in summer she can only blow glass at night. 


With a love of color theory and artistic fashion, she found her way to this art form through her husband, a glass blower and smoke shop owner. He taught her the ropes and she was hooked instantly, falling completely in love with the art. 


Over the years, she has refined her techniques, infusing inspiration from fashion, vibrant colors, and using such additions as 24K gold to add depth. One of her signatures is the infusion of pink dots while combining them with silver and gold fume to clear glass to get color-changing action into the mix. Think cool, artsy textiles created with glass!


Chasing the Muse


As any professional artist knows, finding inspiration and staying inspired is a game of balance. Bad Ash Glass cites her son as the number one source of inspiration amidst all the beautiful chaos. As a first-time mom, she has experienced a world of transformation since his birth. Love, in general, is a continuous source of her creativity.


Her greatest challenge, like many artists, is being her own greatest critic. Don’t we all know the feeling of second-guessing ourselves? Additionally, balancing her time between motherhood and being an artist is a tough challenge all moms and parents can probably relate to! 


The Artist Looks Ahead 


Her passion and goals are pretty awesome too. Bad Ash Glass loves the process and completion of creating art and she looks to continue making really beautiful works that everyone can afford. The ultimate satisfaction comes in knowing she’s bringing art, color, and love into other people’s every day, as they use her pieces. 


The current state of the industry, and how massively popular blown glass pipes and bongs have become leaves her in awe! She has been in the business for 10 years and creating as an artist for 7, and watching it grow, evolve, and explode has been incredible. Bad Ash is especially impressed by the growing culture of glass and cannabis and loves seeing the creativity and innovation that are coming with emerging artists. 


Purchase Bad Ash Glass Today! 


Now that you know all about the artist, her background, and where her inspiration comes from, it’s really cool to look at her pieces through that lens. Her Hearts and Leopards glass pipes are so sweet! 


Head over to to check out all of the amazing Bad Ash Glass pieces we have in our collection today!