Get Lucky This March and Win the White Elephant Rig!


We’d like to introduce you to one of the most remarkable pieces we’ve ever had the privilege of carrying! The White Elephant water rig. A masterpiece of art and science, the skill and vision behind this piece from Flame Princess Glass are exceptional. 


Are You Feeling Lucky? 


The White Elephant is a really stunning, one-of-a-kind work of art and it is both sculpture and functional. Valued at $350, it may even be too beautiful for some to consider using. 


This gorgeous glass piece, known as the Opal Bow Elephant Dab Rig is a beauty to behold, and whoever gets their lucky hands on it is scoring huge. However, this piece isn’t for sale. 


Rather, we are giving this beauty away to one lucky winner. All through the month of March, from the 1st to the 31st, all purchases at over $200 will be automatically entered for a chance to win. That’s right friends, we are handing this off to a Tako Glass shopper. 


About the Opal Elephant Dab Rig


Made in the USA by the wildly talented Flame Princess Glass, there is just one of these beautiful opal elephant mini rigs. This gorgeous elephant was crafted in luminous clear and opal-white glass, creating an ethereal glow. At just about 4” across and 5” in height, it is a beautiful piece at every angle. It includes a removable 10mm 2-hole downstem and includes a banger. Completing the piece is a cute little opal bow on the elephant’s head. The winner shall receive this exact piece!


About Flame Princess Glass 


If you are not familiar with Flame Princess Glass, you have just been initiated. She is a rare talent in this market, a master creatrix who conjures these incredible animals of blown glass. Each one seems to come from some faraway menagerie in another galaxy. For anyone who collects beautiful glass pipes and bongs, her collection is the real deal. 


And while the Opal Bow Elephant Dab Rig is not for sale and is only available currently as the prize in our March raffle, you need to check out some of the other incredible pieces we are so lucky to have from Flame Princess Glass in our shop. These include the Purple Elephant Micro Rig, the Mystery Aventurine Elephant Mini Rig, the Karmaline Elephant Mini Rig, and the adorable Blue Hippo Micro Rig.


Elephant Symbolism


Elephants are special creatures. In many cultures, they symbolize good luck, peace, power, and wisdom. In Hindu lore, they are revered for their immense physical prowess, capable of great force and power, yet they are loving, peaceful warriors. Like the god Ganesh, who bears the head of an elephant, they symbolize overcoming great obstacles. Elephants are also symbols of luxury, prosperity, and opulence, and they are a positive symbol anywhere you place them. Whether you wish to channel the elephant’s profound wisdom or physical dominance, elephant energy is some good stuff. 


Get Shopping to Get Entered


This March, we are inviting everyone to get lucky with us! All you have to do to secure your chance at winning the incomparable Opal Bow Elephant Dab Rig is spend $200 here at Tako Glass to get entered. Don’t miss out on this one fam; this rig is a beauty!