5 Reasons a Glass Pipe for Smoking is the Best


Glass pipe smoking the best


So many styles of pipes exist out there, but take it from a glass blower, glass is the best! I’m not saying that just because this is my preferred medium; I’m saying it because glass does what no other material can. Metal pipes, wooden pipes, acrylic, ceramic; there are a lot of different materials pipes can be created from. Glass, however, is the finest. Here are my top 5 reasons glass pipes are the best pipes and why you should opt for glass if you have the option.



  1. Creativity that Meets Every Need 

Glass is the best material, period. Whatever mood you’re in, whatever lifestyle you live, and whatever kind of aesthetic preference you may have, there’s a glass pipe out there to keep you happy and satisfied. From basic to extravagant, there are endless styles to choose from. You can find affordable glass pipes that will last you many years of awesome daily use, and you can find designer pieces running into the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you may never want to use beyond admiration.



  1. Easy to Carry Anywhere with Versatility 

The sheer versatility of glass pipes is fantastic. For busy lives and being on the go, a nice little glass one-hitter or hand pipe can go just about anywhere with you. Literally, any kind of pipe you could want to fit your needs can be found; pocket-sized, ergonomically hand-sized, even mini water rigs and glass-blown bubblers are available to ensure you can have the filtration of water anywhere you go. Convenience is one of the top reasons to use a glass pipe!


  1. Beauty: Glass Pipes are Incomparably Gorgeous 

This goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, blown glass pipes are simply the most beautiful. Blown glass has enchanted the world for thousands of years. Not all art forms can match that kind of longevity! Blown glass creates the most unique, original designs, equal parts art, and science. Colors, styles, effects, color-changing, opals, and jewels inlaid; there are no limits here. 


  1. All the Flavor You Could Want

Glass does not impart flavors so you can expect clean, delicious hits whenever you use a glass pipe. You can really savor and enjoy the taste of your herb with glass and that makes it alone so awesome. Metal pipes, acrylic pipes, and wooden pipes just cannot compare. And don’t get me started on vaporizers; nothing compares to the smooth, fresh flavors from glass pipes. 


  1. Healthy & Clean 

It may be a strange thought, to wonder if different materials may be healthier than others to smoke from, but especially when it comes to water pipes, glass is the best. Water pipes, also known as bongs, are considered among the healthiest options for smoking, due to the benefit of using water to cool and filter the hits. There are various issues when using materials other than glass. Metal pipes can contain substances that may not be the safest to use when heated and inhaled. It’s never a good idea to pair plastic with heat or fire, even if it’s deemed “safe.” Cleanliness is also a huge deal when smoking herb and glass is the cleanest surface around. It’s smooth, easy to clean, and very apparent when it isn’t clean. 



Glass is the best, simple as that when it comes to smoking! Biased? All the way. Am I right? Yes! No other material offers the beauty, convenience, feeling, flavor, or experience as glass-blown pipes. If you’re looking to shop, we’ve got the hookup, so explore our catalog at www.TakoGlass.com today.