Why the 4 of July Should be Every Stoners Favorite Holiday

4 of July


4th of July: America’s birthday and National Blow S*%t Up Day is not just a day where we can take pride in our great nation, but also celebrate with frenzied excitement how lucky we are to be here at this time, at this moment. 

Independence Day happens to be a major cannabis holiday, with Forbes reporting that it is likely to have tallied up the highest number of sales compared to any other day of the summer. For that reason, we’d like to commemorate why Independence Day should be every stoner's favorite holiday; after 4/20, of course! 

- That Independent Spirit: Be stoned, be happy, be you. Independence Day marks the day the USA achieved full independence from Great Britain. This nation was founded on the principle of freedom and independence, with our founders seeking to create a republic where people could live as they please. Controversy aside, in America you are free to be whoever you are, whoever you want to be, and that is a lovely thing, my friends. 

- Fire & Smoke: Who doesn’t love some fire in the sky? Blowing things up is a national pastime for the 4th! Whether you stick to sparklers or bust out the cannons, fireworks are synonymous with this holiday. Fireworks, BBQs, and burning the herb; it all goes together and July 4th is all about big displays of awesomeness. 

- Family & Friends: Getting together with our families, friends, and neighbors in support of a great time and cutting loose is the best way to spend the day. And most stoners will agree; being stoned will make it all that much better. Pass the spliff or the pipe and enjoy the vibes!

- Keeping Things Chill: Being stoned is always fun; parties and get-togethers are even better when everyone is chill and in a great state of mind. With pool parties, alcohol flowing, and fireworks things can get a little rowdy; ganja helps keep things nice and mellow.

- Heightened Senses for Taking in the Sights: If you’re catching any of the big fireworks displays or events in your city or in your neighborhood, being lit is the best way to be! With your senses heightened, you can take in the sights, sounds, and magnificence of the pyrotechnics in the very best frame of mind for maximum enjoyment!

- Munchies: Food just tastes better when you’re high and the 4th of July is seriously all about enjoying some killer grub. Most stoners love cooking and/ or eating and this is a day you get to do both with wild abandon. Whether it’s burgers and dogs on the grill, ice-cold fruit, berry pies, lobster rolls, corn on the cob, coleslaw, or peach cobbler; it’s all more delectable when you’ve got the munchies! Fun, fireworks, and food; can we get a hell yeah? 

- A Day Off: It’s always great to have your birthday off from work; it’s pretty awesome that most of us get our nation’s birthday off to party!

- The Great Outdoors: It’s summer, the weather is sweet, and celebration is in the air! Independence Day is all about having a great time outdoors, swimming, and partying with those you love.