What to Know About Buying Your First Glass Pipe

Buying your first glass pipe


Looking to buy your first glass pipe? Well, we’ve got all the details you could want or need! Many different types of pipes and materials for pipes exist, but glass is the best. Yes, we’re biased, but nothing else produces such clean flavors and perfect smoke! While there are infinite options available out there, we know a thing or two about glass pipes and which kinds are great for different needs. Whatever your level of expertise may be, sit back, relax, and let us share with you some invaluable knowledge on buying your first glass piece. 


Pipes for Beginners

If you’re just dipping your toes into smoking, a smaller, simpler, and more versatile glass piece will be a great choice. A cool little chillum or spoon pipe will be cost-effective, get the job done, can be concealed easily, and will allow you to explore the experience without a huge commitment. There’s plenty of time ahead to splurge on magical, one-of-a-kind high-end designer pipes and bongs; as you get deeper into the culture, go for it! But in the beginning, just take it slow. 


The Ideal Pipe Styles to Start Out With

Hand Pipes: Hand pipes are a classic glass staple; everyone needs one, and as your go-to piece, you will not be disappointed in these! These pipes fit in the hand and are great for casual or once-a-day use. Glass hand pipes should be thick, not too large, and contain holes that are neither too large nor too small to ensure the herb is not continuously falling inside the pipe, while the smoke is able to freely flow in the direction of your lips.

Chillums: Also known as one-hitters, chillums are super versatile, and they are perfectly portable. They can be used by left-handers and right-handers easily, and they are ideal for holding in any pocket. They have the simplest design, are so simple to use, and you can take yours almost anywhere without an issue.

Water Pipes: Perhaps not for the absolute beginner, but if you’re at an intermediate level and know a thing or two about different glass pipes, you may consider a water pipe. A basic water pipe may be a good option if you're interested in adding the element of water to the performance of your glass bowl. These pipes use water like a bong to provide cooling and filtration, offering smoother and more tolerable hits. However, they are not particularly portable, and they require a good bit of effort in terms of setting up and cleaning up afterward. If you’re down with the performance, though, the extra work should be no problem. If you’re looking for total simplicity and a piece that’s highly travel-ready, a water pipe won’t work. 

So that concludes our basic roundup of purchasing your first glass pipe. We hope our insight has been helpful when purchasing your new pipe, and if you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us! If you’re ready to, be sure to head to our shop to browse the offerings and score your very first glass pipe!