What to do When You Get Stoned


What to do When You Get Stoned


There’s nothing quite like getting stoned, wouldn’t you say? This very universal experience lends itself so well to so many activities; in fact, many among us wouldn’t consider going through the daily motions without being stoned. While it really is a very personal experience and if you ask 10 different stoners, you will probably hear an array of activities that are made more enjoyable by the great herb, we’d like to wax poetic on the subject.


So if you’re curious about what to do when you get stoned, here are some expert suggestions from the pros here at Tako Glass. We are dedicated to that heady lifestyle and know more than a thing or two about enjoying ourselves when stoned. 


All in a Day’s Work

Depending on your profession, being high while working can be an exceptional way to make the job more enticing. Of course, there are legalities for those in some professions, and where cannabis is not yet legalized for recreational use, there could be some issues, but for the most part, enjoy the sensations of hyper-focus and great vibes while you get the job done!


Exercise Your Bod

Whether you are hitting the gym, going for a long, meandering bike ride, surfing, or doing yoga, exercise can be that much more interesting if you’re stoned. Having a greater awareness of the energy around you and feeling all the sensations coursing through your body when you’re stone y can make working out even more fun. 


Watching Movies

Movie buffs will agree that movies are great in any state of mind, but being stoned makes it all the better. You’re more tuned into the visuals, the sounds, and the storylines. If you’re one for subliminal details, you may be able to take note of easter eggs and hidden messages. Whether you are in a theater or at home, movies are so much better when you’re stoned!


Enjoying Nature

Strolling through the woods, hiking, swimming in the ocean, taking in sunsets and sunrises, staring at the stars on a clear night, or simply sitting in your garden and feeling the vibes can be some of the most enjoyable experiences. There really is nothing like unwinding with your herb and being at one with nature. For many of us, being high connects us back to that essence of the earth, and it just feels natural to be immersed in it. If you haven’t done this, give it a try ASAP! Even if you live in a major city, find a tree-filled green space and soak in the experience.


Eating Deliciousness

One word: munchies. Because herb intensifies our senses, all things pleasurable can be immensely more enjoyable when high. When the munchies kick in, do yourself a favor and get down with your fave foods. Whether this inspires you to get creative in the kitchen and whip up a culinary masterpiece or you just feel an urge to hit your local corner shop or grocery to score your favorite snacks, everything tastes better when you’re stoned.


Reading a Great Book

You know the feeling: the rapture of being hypnotized by an incredible story in a book you simply cannot put down. Well, being stoned makes this even more fun because your mind is cued in like no other time and if reading is your jam, well, good luck closing that book before you have finished it. 


Just About Everything

To conclude this expert exposition on what to do when you get stoned, the simplest way to sum it up is everything. Everything you normally do is just more enriching when your senses are that much more in tune. Work; cooking; listening to music; gardening; creating art; watching movies; whatever it is that lights your fire will be better when you get stoned!