What the Best Glass Pipes Have in Common

Best Glass Pipes

There are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to what makes “the best” glass pipes. Personal standpoints run high; everyone’s got their own take on what they appreciate in a pipe. However, certain features are non-negotiable. In this blog, we’re going to cover our particular favorite features that we feel the best glass pipes all have in common. 


The Type of Glass of Matters

Glass is all not just glass. There are various types of glass and glass pipes can run the range from low quality to superior quality, based on just the glass used. The best glass pipes are made of borosilicate glass, which is the highest quality type of glass for pipes. Borosilicate glass is extremely resistant to thermal shock, which enables it to handle being heated without cracking or breaking. The durability factor is also really high, which ensures your pipe doesn’t break easily. The keywords here are “borosilicate glass,” “scientific glass,” or “lab-quality glass.” If this type of glass is not noted in a pipe’s description or features, don’t assume it’s borosilicate.


Borosilicate glass is used for laboratory equipment as well as the infamous Pyrex kitchenware; which if you’ve ever used it, is exceptionally durable and capable of handling plenty of usages. It is specifically engineered to handle high temperatures and interactions with various substances and chemicals without an issue. Bottom line is, any pipe made of borosilicate glass is high quality and going to be better than glass pipes that aren’t. While borosilicate pipes are generally more expensive than alternatives, you’re paying for quality that will most likely last longer.


Brands of Discussion

There are so many brands of glass pipes; some are better than others for sure and many brands are known wide and far. In the past decade, the number of brands in the glass pipe market has tremendously increased, however, quality is pretty subjective. Here at Tako Glass, we are very discerning about the brands we carry in addition to those produced here at the Tako glass studio by Tako himself. All of the artists whose work we host in our shop are friends, or at the very least acquaintances and we can attest to their commitment to quality glass. As long-time artisans in this medium, quality is one factor we don’t compromise on.


By no means are we claiming to have the best quality of all, but we can assure you we craft all of our products of the highest quality we can. The best glass pipes are, without argument, high-quality.



This is a pretty interesting topic in relation to best-quality glass pipes, but it must be said: great quality glass ain’t cheap and cheap glass ain’t great quality. However, you can find affordable, high-quality glass pipes if you know what to look for and where. Of course, the style of pipe and artistry involved will play into costs, and you can most definitely find simple yet incredible quality glass pipes out there. 


What the best glass pipes have in common are quality, price-point, and are of a solid brand. This is by no means an exclusive list; so much about choosing a pipe comes down to personal preference. What we encourage you to do is research to learn about the many (infinite, really) options on the market. Try different products and experiment a bit. Our opinions may differ in terms of what constitutes “the best glass pipes” but some factors are non-negotiable. Peace out and smoke on!