What’s New in the Shop!

Available Glass Pipes


Hello, glass fam! Just here dropping in to let you know we’ve got lots of great new things in the shop, ready to ship! If you’re up for something new and clever, have a look and check out the selection. Color changers, nebulas, hammers, Sherlocks, bongs; so much good stuff, and each piece is one of a kind.


Fresh Drop of Nebula Glass Pipes

One of my signature styles is my Nebula Glass range, which features the most intense colors - like swirls of deep purples, brilliant blues, with infusions of sparkling stars running through every piece, evoking the cosmos. Since the start of the year, I have been busy crafting these babies up, so I invite you to scope out all the newbies in the Tako Glass New Arrivals section on the site. Nebula pipes remain some of my most popular, and I’ve got a heady assortment for you to choose from.


Purple Ghost Black Planet Opal Pipe

The Purple Ghost pipe is a stunner! This pipe is a really gorgeous piece and it was a lot of fun to create. It has an explosion of purples and blues throughout the pipe, and it is a color-changer, all the way. It looks incredible now, but wait till you start using it; the colors are going to explode the more you use it. Deep electric blues, ghost purple, and who knows what else? The fume frit is what enables these sick colors, and this pipe is definitely for the connoisseur who is after a mind-bending piece.


You may be wondering why it’s called the “Purple Ghost…” and that’s because it suggests a mystical ghost planet, the only place where such a cosmic design could originate. Furthermore, because this is such a dank piece, you’re going to be a ghost, resting happily in peace after using it! J/K… maybe!


The Purple Nebula Cluster Bong

The Purple Nebula Cluster Bong is both a masterpiece to use and behold! It works wonders in functionality and its beauty and artistry add a lovely dimension purely for its aesthetics. A brilliant, massive blue and purple nebula explosion is featured on the piece’s bottom, and this gets magnified by the bong’s water. 13” tall with a Tako signature label, this is definitely a showpiece!


Hawaiian Tropic Pipe

A thick frit spoon pipe with bold, luscious, tropical coloring, my Hawaiian Tropic pipe is a gorgeous stunner inspired by the Hawaiian islands. This is a super color-changer, and you can expect some wild, brightly-colored floral infusions as it evolves. This piece takes me back to the islands, watching the colors in the sky flash bright oranges and pinks at sunset.


Silver Fume Inside Out Sherlock Pipes

Currently, there are a few of these wicked Sherlock pipes in the shop, made by a good friend of mine. They feature details like pure silver fume and/ or 24K gold, which lend to mind-bending color-changing capabilities. Another great feature of these pipes is how they are designed to sit upright with a flat bottom, so they don’t tip over and spill ash. Functionality is major. Additionally, these pipes feature some cool style points, like rings near the mouthpieces, star-filled galaxy marbles, and blown-out carbs to keep your thumbs away from the flame.


If you’re after some new-new, we’ve got plenty in store for ya! The creative juices have been flowing in the studio and I have been amped to be creating. Happy shopping and happy burning, friends!