What Kind of Glass is Used to Create Glass Pipes?


Glass Pipes


Enter any head shop or pipe retailer’s storefront and you’ll be in awe of the amount of glass artistry before you. From simple, clear pipes to the most elaborate, sculptural glass pieces imaginable; there’s a glass style to suit every taste and every mood. Some cheaper designs may feature lower-quality glass, however, the best pieces are always made of borosilicate glass.


It shines, changes color, imparts no weird flavors, and each piece is a functional work of art that can be admired every time it’s used. We’re talking about the beauty of glass pipes and how they serve the dual purpose of being exquisite to look at and exceptional for smoking. Have you ever wondered about the composition of the glass used to create glass pipes? If so, in this article we will cover the basics about this incredible medium, what makes it unique, and how it can be used to smoke herbs with perfect efficiency. 


Not Just Any Ordinary Glass

Glass is among the most loved and most used mediums for glass pipes and glass bongs and there is a very good reason why: it’s pretty much incomparable! The type of glass used to make glass pipes is borosilicate glass. This is the same type of glass used to create the original glass cookware line, Pyrex, and like those items, it is exceptional at handling extreme temperatures without breaking. In fact, borosilicate glass can handle up to 165 degrees in temperature spikes and dips without a fuss. It does not begin melting until it hits 1000 degrees. For this reason, it is also the perfect medium for other smoking accessories like dab tools, dab rigs, and nails that need temperatures hotter than flower.


Why it’s Perfect for Pipes and Bongs

Because of its immense durability and lightweight feel, borosilicate glass is the ideal glass to use for making pipes and bongs. It is also highly preferred by glassblowers because it has immense clarity, which gives pipes a nice, clear view of the interior of the pipe. Glass doesn’t take on other flavors, so you can enjoy the clean, pure flavors of what you’re smoking much better. 


Borosilicate glass is also favored because it is non-porous, which makes it easy to clean. Thanks to its clarity, you can see inside glass pipes so you know when they’re in need of a cleaning. Other materials used for pipes do not offer this transparency and are not as easy to clean or keep clean.


The Durability Factor

Not just any glass could be used for storing nuclear waste, but borosilicate gets the job done! Borosilicate glass is durable like nothing else and everyone who uses it knows that firsthand. While standard glass types expand and contract due to temperatures, borosilicate has a much lower coefficient for thermal expansion. Intense heat, so long as it’s under 1000 degrees, will not cause breaks or cracks. It also maintains a durable demeanor in standard usage conditions as well, holding up to breaks and shatters quite effectively. Typically, when borosilicate glass breaks, it will crack, not shatter. Though it is by no means break-proof (no glass truly is), it doesn’t shatter into infinite pieces like tempered glass does.


There are endless types of pipes and bongs out there, but no other medium holds the purity, beauty, and peace of mind of borosilicate glass. It is the perfect balance of aesthetic artistry and high-performance functionality, promising a great experience every time; visually and physically. If you’re seeking a worthy investment of your time and funds, look no further than borosilicate glass pipes and bongs!