What do you know about Leisure Glass?

Here at Tako Glass  we are so excited to promote other glass blowers and artists that we have gotten the pleasure to work with. Today we want to shine a spotlight on Leisure Glass, because their glass pieces are just so clean and made with total fineness! 

Glass Blower Luke Wilson has been blowing glass for over 20 years in California where he owns and operates Leisure Glass. Wilson is such an incredible artist, he is well-known by those who have encountered his glass, but still kind of a secret in the glass world. He got into glass blowing so that he could make bongs and rigs to replace the ones his mom broke. Starting off he had minimal outlets and opportunities to blow glass so the fact that he is now such a legendary artist just shows how hard this guy works.

Wilson loves collaborating and working with other artists that share a passion for creating things that are beyond the regular and the norm.  He focuses on high functioning and highly innovative glass pieces that are elaborate with close attention to detail. His main goal is to make things that filter and smoke really nicely and are ultimately user friendly. His highly ingenious glass creations function as well as a Mobius or Sov piece, but for half the price.

Taking a closer look at some of his work, we recently got the Leisure Glass 10 Arm Flower Incycler in our shop. Exclusive and sleek, this brand new bong design was just released in 2024.

Created with thick, quality boro glass, it is super sturdy and durable. It has an incycler going from 18mm joint to tree perks which feature 10 arms. Each of the 10 arms has two slits in them, meaning 20 tiny bubbles are produced which go back up to the incycler. It is kinda a squat compact design for a bong and is nice to see because it has all the high functioning characteristics without being a massive piece to lug around. It’s also a recycler, so when you hit it just right and get the water going it is helping you take the hit with the push/pull of the water recycling like a tornado. 

We also absolutely love the 14mm Fumed Incyclers because they’re the perfect daily drivers. Rated as one of the best functioning dab rigs in the world, the Leisure Glass incycler is in a league of its own. Top-down from the weight ratio, compact size, exquisite chug, and sheer sparkling beauty, this rig is a work of perfection. Features a fixed 4-slit diffuser for additional filtering and cooling of the smoke, giving you a cleaner and smoother hit. The spiral drain incycler function keeps the water constantly moving ensuring that the vapor from your hit doesn’t have time to get stale, ensuring a cooled down and tasty rip.


The Leisure Glass Mini Sixer is the perfect combination of style, quality, and functionality. This water pipe is compact, convenient size and created with high-quality borosilicate glass making it sturdy and long lasting.

Features six mini percolators for exceptional filtration and smooth hits. The angled mouthpiece, bent neck and wide base provide a comfortable and stable smoking experience. Also includes a 14mm female joint, making it compatible with a variety of accessories. 

This simple 16 Arm Bubbler  by Leisure Glass has top quality tree percs combined with the bubbler effect to provided a smooth hit with just enough resistance. It also has a sweet Leisure Graffiti logo in rasta colors across the front for some extra style. 

Features 16 arm percolator, fixed downstem, and a hollow base for more water diffusion and weight distribution. The angled mouthpiece, bent neck and wide base provide a comfortable and stable smoking experience. Also includes a 18mm leisure screen pull slide. These increible bubblers have been going fast! There's only one left if you want to add an iconic Leisure Glass bubbler to your collection!

Brand new in 2024, the Incycler Recycler Top is a Puffco Peak glass attachment that is hand-blown with thick borosilicate glass. The accessary is made to connect to Peaks base. The incycler delivers smooth hits by keeping water constantly moving throughout the piece while the recycler continues to recycle the smoke and water inside it while you keep smoking. This incycler recycler combo creates maximum filtration making your hits ultra smooth.

Also blown with thick borosilicate glass and brand new, this Mini 10 Arm Peak Top Puffco attachment is super durable and can handle being taken on the go. The accessary is made to connect to Peaks base. Featuring a 10 arm percolation water filtration for amazing filtration and diffusion facilitating a smooth hit each time. 

It's so sweet to see a new artist join the Puffco trend because we aboslutley love their products. Luke Wilson is just starting to dive into the Puffco world and we are so excited to see what he does next! 

One of the newest rigs in the Leisure Glass line up is the 13-Arm Tree Incycler Rig. This powerful mid-size dab rig features a base Tree perc with an internal recycling water chamber and fixed female joint. This incycler functions perfectly as a rig or flower bong. 


Leisure Glass provides that extra attention to detail when crafting the perfect piece, so you won't be disappointed! Check out our website www.takoglass.com for more Leisure Glass pieces.

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