Types of Glass Pipes


Types of Glass Pipes


Here’s a little informative piece for you, if you’ve been wondering about the different types of glass pipes available on the market today. Sure, we’ve all seen a glass pot pipe or two and unique hand blown glass bongs, but what about specifics? Handmade glass pipes come in so many shapes and sizes, in addition to the infinite array of stylistic possibilities. Here’s a look at some of the most common pieces you will find, and what you can expect from each type. 


Spoon Pipes

In the world of cool glass pipes, spoon pipes are among the most common, versatile, and handy options around. The name comes from the fact that these pipes look like spoons. Many folks start out with these because their portability can’t be beaten. Glass spoon pipes are essentially super simple; the bowl end of the pipe is rounded like a spoon, and it contains a hole that allows the smoke to travel to the mouthpiece. The bowl will also have another small hole, and this is the carb, which is used to control the airflow within the pipe. The options are really endless; whether you’re after the bare basic spoon pipe for smoking, discount glass pipes that won’t break your budget or custom glass spoon pipes; they are everywhere! Our pick: The Deep Dive Crescent Opal Pipe.



Bubblers are super cool. These devices are a combo of a spoon pipe and a mini bong. They work like spoons, however, they contain a small water chamber which gives you all the benefits of a bong, cooling and cleaning the smoke before it gets to you. All the pleasure of a bong, in a smaller, more portable package. Our pick: Silver Fume Opal Bubbler from Beezy Glass.


Hammer Pipes

With a shape like a hammer, hammer pipes are ergonomic and perfectly suited to fit in the palm of your hand. Moderately portable, these pipes are definite eye-catchers, and they efficiently catch the ash in the process of smoking. Our pick: The Trillium Egyptian Hammer Pipe.


Sherlocks & Gandalfs 

Sherlock pipes evoke the sensibilities and retro style of the literary fave, Sherlock Holmes. Like the pieces Mr. Holmes was known to use, these pipes feature a classic silhouette with a full, large bowl set upon a uniquely curved stem. When used, the smoke travels upward through the stem. A variation of the Sherlock is the Gandalf pipe, which is named for the extra-long-stemmed pipe Gandalf the Grey is famous for enjoying with the Shire’s finest weed. Our picks: A galaxy Sherlock pipe or a Purple Nebula Sherlock are lovely versions of these rad pipes.


Chillums & Steamrollers

Chillums are simple and effective, and they are available in a magnificent array of different colors and styles, including with color changing glass. A chillum is a small cylinder-shaped pipe, where one end features the bowl and the opposite end has the mouthpiece. The best chillums are thick glass pipes that offer some weight when you hold them. Steamrollers are extra-large versions of chillum pipes, and they pack an extra-large experience! Our pick: The Purple Ghost Chillum.


Water Rigs

Water rigs are quite similar to bongs, but they have a few extra features, such as a banger instead of a classic bowl. They work excellently to filter the smoke using water, and they provide a clean, luxurious experience. Many water rigs are crafted of seriously high end glass, which makes them equally alluring just for the eye candy. Our picks: Purple Nebula Mini 10mm Rig or the Plasma Purple Mini Tube.


So there you have it; a rundown of all the most common types of glass pipes. While there are too many different variations to cover, they all offer one thing: a pleasurable experience! Glass pieces for smoking are an art form and modern smokers are keen on collecting custom glass pipes, handmade glass bongs, and all varieties of intricate hand blown glass pieces for both smoking and admiring. Happy burning and happy glass collecting, my friends!