The Top Ten Hand Pipes

Smoking glass pipe


Hand pipes are a must-have for any smoker. Whether your collection is large and expansive or you’re more into having the basics, a good hand pipe, or two or three, should always be within reach. And, since we carry the finest selection of hand blown glass pipes around, here is our take on the very best options available. 

 Read on for the top 10 hand pipes available from the Tako Glass store!

  1. The Chill Spaceship Pipe: Extra thick glass, wild nebula colors with sparkling space dust on a wicked, larger-than-average chillum, this pipe was seriously made to take you into the cosmos. A massive magnifying marble adds to the style. Despite its eye-catching size, it still fits in a pocket! 
  2. Amethyst Bismuth Glass Sherlock Pipe: This one is seriously out of control! It’s a chakra-aligning, crystal-infused deep blue sherlock pipe sure to bring good vibes to your life when you use it. Absolutely one-of-a-kind magic here and sure to turn heads.
  3. Into the Sparkle Blue Pipe: This little hand pipe is a basic beauty, perfect for all-around use, crafted in the most gorgeous turquoise shades. It’s a color changer with plenty of sparkles, made for continuous use!
  4. Purple Seaweed Opal Pipe 2: Colors galore and blinged out with a giant fiery opal, there is an ocean of color, sparkle, and color-changing potential with this spoon pipe! Gaze into its abyss long enough and you will see infinite galaxies within!
  5. Honey Hammer 6 Pipe: A unique, ergonomic, drop hammer pipe with an elegant honeycomb pattern on the front end of the piece, this handmade glass pipe is an exceptional, unique work of art. Pure silver fume was used to create it, and you can expect wild color changing with use; electric blues and milky sparkles are sure to emerge.
  6. Dazed By Dichro Puzzle 8: Lab Rat Glass makes some killer pieces and this one is a super sweet example. A simple little spoon pipe with incredible color, sparkle, and a floral swirl detail. It looks great and performs even better.
  7. Purple Nebula Disc Opal Pipe: A Tako Glass signature! Deep cosmic purple Nebula coloring, insane sparkles, a giant opal; this spoon pipe was crafted of super thick glass and it's loaded with bling. Hand blown glass spoon pipes are some of the most popular pipes around; this is perhaps one of the coolest.
  8. Mango Seashell Pipe 4: With intense colors and an abstract conch seashell shape, this hand pipe is perfect for any ocean-lovers. 5” long, with many lifelike details, such as the edges and textures that mimic real shells, and the numerous glass marbles that resemble bubbles or water droplets that add grip and catch light. Sculptural and gorgeous, this pipe is among the most unique around! 
  9. Pink Slime Octo Pipe 1: We really dig octopi around here, and this Sherlock Octo Pipe from Glass Distractions is super sweet and super fun. It has a great size with a hilarious, lifelike octopus wrapped around the base of the pipe, decked out in colors that shift from pink to purple to a deep cobalt. 
  10. Purple Haze Sparkle Chillum: This one-hitter chillum hand pipe is a stunner! The combo of color-changing deep purple along with super-sparkly lime green is wild and you can expect this one to evolve in some magical ways. The perfect sized hand pipe for every day, everywhere use!