The Top 5 Advantages of Using a Bong

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Bongs, don’t we all love ‘em? They offer such a great experience; nothing really beats it. Bong-type devices have been in existence since ancient times and there is a great reason why they have survived through antiquity: they deliver a phenomenal experience using the simplest technology of filtering smoke with water.


While the benefits of using a bong are pretty infinite, we’re going to cover the top five in this blog post. Read on, friends, and get ready to pack a fatty!


  1. Bongs Just Hit Different

The smoothest of the smooth hits are created with bongs; that’s just a fact. Combustion is just a reality when smoking herb, and the irritation that comes from inhaling is not the most pleasant thing when smoking from pipes, blunts, and joints. Bongs elevate the experience with the cooling filtration of water, delivering silky-smooth hits. Coughing still happens, but bongs produce much cleaner hits. 


  1. On the Subject of Filtration: Bongs do it Best

Burning anything and producing smoke generates carcinogens. While bongs don’t eliminate all carcinogenic potential, they can reduce toxins and harmful byproducts, which will enter your lungs through powerful filtration. The water also filters tar out, keeping tar and ash in the bong water, removing any potential of getting chunks of tar-filled ash in your mouth. 


  1. Bongs Deliver Bigger Hits

This one’s pretty straightforward. Massive rips are the trademark of bong smoking! Blunts, pipes, and joints - no matter how well crafted they are, they can’t produce the kind of hits bongs do. Word of the wise - if you’re a newbie, go easy and learn to take smaller hits first before going for huge hits. 


  1. Bongs Deliver a Cleaner Experience

Water is essential to cleanliness and bongwater keeps the process much cleaner than joints or pipes. Bongwater catches bacteria and mold, providing filtration while you smoke. Especially in social settings, where the herb is getting passed around, there is less chance of passing contaminants from person to person. Keep in mind though, change the bong water frequently; after each session is ideal. Also, giving your bong thorough, deep cleanings regularly keeps it in tip-top, sanitary shape. Hot tip: glass bongs are the best; don’t play around with lower-quality materials!


  1. The Aesthetics Can’t be Touched

Ever seen a stunning glass bong that just stops you in your tracks? Yeah, it happens to us all! Bongs can be incredibly-designed works of art, like sculptural statement pieces. With a huge range of sizes, shapes, and detail work, there are endless possibilities for what they look like. Most stoners are taken by the fine artistry often found in bong creations and they serve as a brilliant canvas for some wondrous works of art. Many people collect one-of-a-kind designer bongs because they are simply just that beautiful. They can also be awesome conversation pieces because there’s often a story that goes with each one!



While we just covered the top 5 reasons bongs are awesome, there really are 1,000 other benefits as well! Bongs are convenient, efficient, and easy to maintain. They can be compatible with various accessories, allowing for greater customization. They come in all shapes and sizes; whether you want a small bong that travels anywhere or a 2-foot statement bong piece to display. Come check out our vast selection of bongs at; we’ve got an array of fine pieces sure to whet your whistle! Happy hitting!