The Right Water Levels for Bongs and Rigs

Water Levels for Bongs and Rigs - TakoGlass


Water levels for bongs and rigs… is there a proper level to stick to? The simplest answer is that it really comes down to your individual preference. Having the wrong water level can lead to a less than awesome experience and leave you with a lackluster high. Too much water and you could end up with a mouthful (or coughing up a lung-full) of bong water. Too little water and you may be getting a hot, unfiltered hit that burns! 


There is a certain method to the madness and while it’s not exactly science, the more you know, the better the experience will be. In this article, we provide some guidelines about different levels that can help you figure out what your perfect water level is, and how to achieve the performance you want when using a bong or rig.


Water for Bongs and Rigs: General Considerations

There is no exact amount of water for any particular bong or rig that is perfect for everyone. We’ve all got our personal ideas of what tastes or feels best, so really, it’s all about understanding what different water levels will help you achieve. There are three basic levels for your bong and rig water, and then you can factor in an infinite amount of variety to these. 


Low Water Levels 

Using a lesser amount of water in your rig or bong can allow you to achieve more of the flavor from your herb or concentrate. If you prefer to take smaller hits, less water is great. If you want fat rips, less water will cause less diffusion, which will result in hotter hits that can burn your throat. Not ideal. But hey, just offering insight here; if you prefer less water for flavorful hits, have at it!


Medium Water Levels 

Right in the middle, medium levels are the most common. With a medium amount of water, you can achieve both diffusion and flavor. You get a cool, comfortable hit along with plenty of flavor and fantastic diffusion. It’s all about balance with a medium water level in your bong or rig.


High Water Levels

With a high amount of water, you will get incredible amounts of diffusion but potentially less flavor due to the dilution the water brings. This level is ideal for those prone to coughing after hitting the rig or bong. More water brings on more filtration, delivering a cooler, smoother hit. However, it’s important to remember there is a fine between having the perfect water level and too much water. If you’re going for a high water level, make sure you are not taking in dirty water as you inhale. Remember to test out your water level before loading a bowl to ensure you get the best experience out of your session.


Keep in Mind

Every rig and every bong are different with their own unique attributes, so the perfect and precise amount of water will vary for each piece as well. You can test out the water by adding and subtracting water in your piece until you get it just where you want it. Keep an open mind, use the guidelines to your advantage, and explore the options to get the feeling just where you want it!