The Best Way to Protect Your Pipes

Protect Glass Pipes


Nothing beats the beauty, elegance, taste, and functionality of glass pipes. However, accidentally breaking them is the absolute worst. If you’re curious about the best ways to protect your glass pipes, we’ve got you. Read on to learn about the various products available to help keep your glass safe at all times. 


The Right Pipe Cases

Everyone with a glass pipe needs a proper case to store it in, and RYOT cases are the finest around. These heavy-duty cases are simply divine for keeping your glass pieces safe and secure. Because they are crafted specifically for the needs of stoners, you can expect a range of details that make your life just a little bit better when carrying and storing your pipes. For instance, RYOT cases are smell-proof, so no matter how dank and aromatic your herb is, it’s always on the down low. They contain odor-absorbing technology, known as the SmellSafe Carbon Series, that works beautifully to trap odors and keep them undetected.


RYOT cases are available in two styles: the HeadCase RYOT and the Hard Case RYOT. The HeadCase features a protective exterior shell crafted of weatherproof canvas with a padded interior and a moisture-seal zipper. These cases are perfect for small hand pipes, chillums, one-hitters, and vapes.


The Hard Case RYOT is a more compact style, perfect for travel and anyone taking their glass pipe or vaporizer on an adventure. This case has a tough, hard exterior shell and a cushioned interior. It features strong elastic straps and a carabiner clip for easy carrying. 


Mood Mats

Created from a sweet collab between Tako Glass and Mood Mats, the Tako Glass Mood Mat is a perfectly stylish addition to any location you regularly burn or dab at. These mats offer a padded, secure spot to protect your glass pipes and bongs from hard surfaces and they help keep your environment clean and organized. Our Mood Mats feature the Tako octopus logo and are 8” X 9” - which makes them great for a desk, coffee table, or kitchen counter.


Quality: An Important Consideration

While we’re on the subject of protecting your beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass pipes, bongs, and rigs, it must be mentioned that quality is also a really important factor. If you are purchasing pieces for the long run and expect them to stay in top shape, high-quality glass is super important. Cheaper glass tends to crack or break more easily, however, here at Tako Glass, everything we make and sell, as well as all the items from our vendors are quality-approved. We are dedicated to using the best materials and the highest production standards. There’s a reason great glass pieces cost more than lower-end items: quality. We use thick glass and take no shortcuts when creating to ensure our products last and last through years of use. While breaks and cracks can happen, it is our goal to create pieces that stand the test of time and provide top-tier performance. 


Having a great case or cases, depending on your lifestyle, along with a mood mat will help ensure your glass pipes and bongs are protected at all times too! 


Glass pipes are an investment and with proper care, they can last for many years even with continuous use. We’ve seen it happen too many times; a fave piece gets broken due to an accident or careless mistake. Don’t let it happen to your glass pieces! Protect your gear and it will keep you happy for years to come.