The 2022 Glass Vegas Expo Review!


Las Vegas Expo


The 2022 Glass Vegas Expo trade show happened February 7 - 9, and it was fantastic! This event is always the biggest of its kind and everyone in the blown glass, cannabis, and tobacco industries really looks forward to it. It is a massive meeting of the minds and an incredible way to connect with friends old and new, and to network in terms of business. It is a major opportunity to feel out what’s going on in the industry and, of course, simply be immersed in the joy of the glass community. This year was no exception, and I’m sure everyone who attended will agree with me: it was a great time.


About the Glass Vegas Expo Trade Show

The Glass Vegas Expo is an extraordinary event and every aspect of it is coordinated to highlight and showcase the beauty and vibrancy of this industry. This is the 6th year the event has taken place, and it has been so influential in uniting the community in business and artistry. 


Glass is a medium that inspires with its brilliance and boldness; it’s not a subtle art. Likewise, this trade show captures that spirit of passionate expression, the rich energy of glass culture. Our community is a tight-knit one, and most of us know one another through the grapevine, if not entirely on a personal level. Glass Vegas brings us all together to share in the beauty and connectedness, as we help one another grow our businesses. 


Insider Details on Glass Vegas

The Glass Vegas Expo is an industry-only, B2B event that gives everyone in the industry a chance to connect with one another. Because it’s not open to the public, it allows everyone to get right down to networking, learning, and sharing on the business end. The event was held at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Hundreds of attendees showed up, and like always, it was the year’s biggest event for glassblowers in the tobacco and cannabis niche. 


Getting Down to Business & Partying

The opening night floor party happened on the 7th and it was a rad time. Great artists, great vibes, cocktails, beer, and finger foods were offered up and there was a sick performance from KBONG and Johnny Cosmic.


The trade show itself went down on the 8th and 9th and was an all-day affair on both days. Let me tell you, it was sensory and information overload! Before the show began each morning, yoga teacher Hethre Larivee offered “Yoga for Glassblowers” sessions for all attendees. If you made any of these classes, it was seriously the best way to start the day!


Throughout the show there were numerous live torch demos - the lineup was crazy! It included some phenomenal artists like Hallie Cat Glass, Subliminal Glass & Cha Glass, Zina Losi Glass, Grimm Glass & Babedrienne, Taffy the Grey, The Glass Goddess, Calmbo & Coldberger, and Dani Girl Glass. I cannot even begin to express how much learning went on in such an immersive setting. It was beyond fun.


Glass Vegas Expo draws everyone from the world of glass blowing in, and this means I got to reconnect with so many people I have worked with and appreciate. This event has helped drive the glass art industry over the past few years, and having so many artists, shops, vendors, and other industry pros under one roof is so important for our businesses. For everyone that was there - I’m stoked and so glad we got to connect! What a celebration for GLASS, ART, and LOVE!