Tako Pocket Pipes: Ballin’ Glass and Ballin' Pockets


There’s a time and a place for big rigs and 2-foot water pipes; however, when you’re on the go, you need something a little more swift and maneuverable. Enter the pocket pipe!

If you’re in the market for your next piece, it should definitely be a pocket pipe. No smoker’s collection should be without a few of these handy, versatile pipes, and if you have yet to invest in one, we’d like to share some of the best reasons why you need a pocket pipe in your life. Read on to learn more!


About Pocket Pipes

Sometimes known as hand pipes, pocket pipes, like their name implies, are pocket- sized. Think of our normal-sized glass pieces, shrunk down to a short, fat pipe that fits easily in a pocket. Their size makes them versatile and portable; you can conveniently take these just about anywhere with ease. They are easily concealed and are never cumbersome to carry. They are literally go-anywhere, use-anywhere pipes!

In a tiny purse, a backpack, a fanny pack, or of course, just a pocket, these pipes fit into everyone’s busy lifestyles. And while you can potentially find pocket pieces just about anywhere, there’s nothing quite like a piece from Tako. Combining true one-of-a-kind beauty and sharp attention to detail, these pipes were made to deliver kind performance wherever you want while doing it all with style.


Tako Pocket Pieces

While the market may be loaded with endless varieties of pocket-style pipes, you know here at Tako Glass we do things a little differently from the norm. We don’t just carry pocket pieces; we carry the Most Baller pieces! Just about the sickest, most obscenely creative, extraordinary glass pocket pipes, created with true artistry.

The Most Baller Pocket Pipe 1 is a masterpiece of glass blowing, a usable work of art you can take with you anywhere. Rich fume clouds, electric highlights, and colors that change the more you use it, this pocket pipe is beyond brilliant. It features a thick frit spoon shape, crafted of show-stopping purple glass. Over time, the purple shades will get brighter, and electric blue accents will begin to show up. A huge, gleaming opal coin has been set into the design, enhancing the overall ergonomics of the piece while providing added grip for the small size. An additional opal sphere offers even more grip while taking the visual appeal of this pipe to a whole new level.

In the world of glass, true deep purples are hard to come by, and it takes an expert to get them just right. This element of rarity makes the Baller just that much more enticing.


It’s All About That Baller Feel

The thickness of the glass offers superb quality, ensuring these pocket pipes can stand up to years of comfortable usage. They not only look incredible, but they feel incredible in every way. Whether you are holding the Baller gingerly up to the light to take in its exquisite colors, or you’re using it during an evening stroll through the twilight… it simply feels like it belongs in your hand, won’t slip, and allows exceptional comfort through every use.

Everyone needs a pocket pipe, and by no means should they be boring! And most definitely, our Baller pocket pipes are about as amazing as it gets. We highly encourage you to check out our selection and grab a one-of-a-kind Tako's "Most Baller Pocket Pipes"  today.