Tako Glass Combo Sale

Tako Glass Combo Sale


This week, we’ve got some killer combo sales happening! Looking to stock up and maybe grab a few new goodies at awesome prices? Well then, we got you covered. Read on for all the details of these combos. 


Combo Sale Goodness

What’s better than one sick new glass piece? Two of them! Our current combo sales are super rad, and you get the chance to save big and score big. Here's a look at some of the combos going down: 


Thick Fume Glass Pipe/ Chillum Combo 1Two super-thick, super-chunky glass pipes are included in this stunning combo. A sturdy spoon pipe and chillum, created in beautiful clear glass with 24K gold and pure silver fume laced into the interiors, this duo is a must-have! Colors are going to change, and you are going to delight in the brilliance!


Thick Fume Glass Pipe/ Chillum Combo 2This gorgeous set features a spoon pipe and a chillum made of ultra-thick chunky glass infused with 24K gold and silver, fumed to the inside of the pipe. Expect insane color changes with this luminous pair! 


Tako Glass Egyptian Series Combo 1Inspired by the mind-blowing glass works created by the ancient Egyptians, this Egyptian combo pairs a simple Egyptian spoon pipe with a classic Egyptian chillum. This chillum pipe weighs nearly 8 oz! It features the thickest clear glass infused with silver and is finished with a mega huge opal! 


Tako Glass Egyptian Series Combo 2Taking inspiration from the brilliant glass creations of the ancient Egyptians, our second Egyptian glass pipe combo pairs an elegantly simple Egyptian spoon pipe and a sick Egyptian chillum. Super thick clear glass infused with silver is the basis, and a massive opal brings the sparkle. This sizable chillum weighs in at nearly 8 oz! 


Crystal Glass Pipe ComboTake one of each color! There are six of our Crystal Glass pipes available in this combo set. These super cool pipes are crafted in a several-step process. First, they are born from the flame on the torch. Then, once cooled, they are then sculpted into their crystal shape. Each piece is approximately 5” long, infused with dichroic glass at the tip for rainbows, sparkle, and all the magic. Available in six colors, you can collect them all now at a fabulous price.


Sunshine Line Glass Pipe ComboThis pairing includes 3 pipes: a sherlock pipe, a spoon pipe, and a chillum, all done in brilliant yellow glass with blues and oranges, featuring some really crafty and unusual linework. Easily portable yet not too tiny, these are fun pieces to add to any collection.


Festival Line Glass Pipe ComboBold, bright colors and gorgeous linework! This combo set offers a sherlock pipe, a spoon pipe, and a chillum, done in a wild candy-colored style, with swirls and lines that are super eye-catching. Portable and versatile, this set is a great addition for any smoker.


Migo Line Glass Pipe ComboThis combo package includes three lovely pieces: a sherlock, a chillum, and a spoon, in a really cool neon colorway with swirls and lines. Three super versatile pieces that will add variety to your collection without sacrificing style.


Our combo sales are hot, hot, hot! Big savings and great pieces, if you’re aiming to grab a few new goodies, maybe start your holiday shopping really early, or just set your collection straight with rad pipes, this sale is not to be missed! So, hop on over to the website and check out the offerings! With very limited time to score these pairings, if you’re contemplating the options, get the goods into your cart and checkout!