Summer Stoner Adventures

As we roll into summer, the weather is getting warmer and we are spending more days outside. This means taking glass with us wherever we go whether it's on a hike, to the beach, at a concert, or to a backyard party with all your buddies. The sun brings out all the good moods and good vibes, so it's the perfect time to get baked and keep the laughs going all day. 
4th of July is tomorrow and our 4th of July sale is going on from now until the end of July so it's the perfect time to treat yourself or your friends to some new glass. We will be adding new pieces to the 4th of July sale every week so keep an eye out for your favorite glass on discount. 
When I think of the 4th of July I think of backyard bbqs with all my friends and family, fireworks, and some fat sessions. Nothing like watching things blow up while smoking your favorite herb! For those big 4th of July parties you need those heavy hitters, with big bowls to pass around. This is where the party bowl pipes come in! Tako recently crafted these mega pipes 14-18" long with big bowls to share the love. These beasts are like a steamroller combined with your favorite spoon and the perfect pieces for creating those fat clouds as you stand around the bbq waiting for the fireworks to explode with color. 
Once the festivities of the holiday have come and gone it's time for some more summer adventuring. In Washington we love hitting the beach weather it's a rocky ocean beach, a muddy sandbar along the river or sitting on the edge of a lake, hot weather means cooling off near a body of water. It's safe to say, no matter where you live around the world, when the temps rise so does our need to dip our toes in some water. It isn't a beach day without your trusty glass pieces. These could be that easy to conceal chillum or spoon for when the lake is a little busier than expected and you don't want to draw too much attention. 
Or maybe you found that secluded spot by the water, with no one around but your best buddies and that sweet herb. That calls for breaking out the big guns! Those tall bongs that are sure to produce so massive clouds and send your brain to the clouds as well. Here at Tako Glass we love a big bong with lots of percs to filter those hot smoke clouds ensuring you not only take the fattest rips, but the smoothest ones as well. Meet the 25" Fumed Quad Beaker Bong. Standing over two feet tall featuring quad percs, fumed color changing glass, and made with 50mm thick tubing- this bong is a fatty for sure! 
You might be thinking you want to be a little more sleek with it, a little classier feeling, and something you can rip from your floating lounge chair. And there's nothing quite like hitting a long Gandalf Pipe with your shades on and your a** in the water. These Gandalf's from Sinister are where it's at! The bowl is a nice size to share with your friends in the next inner tube over. Just don't drop it in the water in the middle of your sesh!
Summer time is also the time for road trips or a car ride to a festival or concert. You have to get the vibes rolling before you reach your destination so you better grab your essential road trip smoking devices. Puffco makes some high end pieces, no lighter or water required so they're perfect for stashing in your car for your next journey. These guys deliver premium flavor, featuring four precision heat settings and a simple single-button interfaces for those quick and easy sessions.
                   Puffco Peak Pro                          
Another great piece to have on hand when you're sitting on the tailgate waiting to go into the concert venue is the Martian Blunt Bubbler.  The perfect pocket bubbler to keep in a bag in the car or in the side pocket of your car door. These little things are so fun to put a joint in and have a smoke. The little cone area is where you put your joint and you add a little water in there to make it bubble. Such a fun krutch, no need to get your fingers all sticky with goo before going into a crowded event. 
 When you are really trying to get baked in the sun you might want to consider whipping out your heady dab rig to send everyone to the moon before you head off on a hike or a bike ride. I love the taste of smoking oil, especially when you have a smooth hitting rig in your collection. If you are new to the dab game you are in luck! We have just the rig you need this summer to keep the fun rolling. Check out Tako's super unique and exclusive Lime White Satin Rig featuring a matching opal and pill made out of UV ion to go with the control tower and get your dabs vaporizing with maximum precision. This piece is super versitle so you can switch it up and use it for flower too. 
After spending the whole day outside in the sun, it's time for happy hour drinks in the backyard or on the couch if you've had enough sun. Pair your piña colada with a Pineapple Bubbler! Use this bubbler for flower or oil as you sip your tropical beverage and listen to some sweet tunes. Your friends will instantly know the vibes are high when they walk in to you ripping fat clouds with the Pineapple Bubbler. Tako was so stoked on this piece he even made a custom, matching bowl piece to go with it! 
We are going to be adding new products to our site all summer long, having all kinds of huge summer sales on your favorite pieces, and even doing giveaways featuring glass made from the headiest of glass blowers. Keep your eyes on our website and instagram to stay up to date on all the heady drops! Here's to the best stoner summer yet!