Spreading the Love with Tako Glass Wholesale!

Tako Glass - Wholesale

Calling all cannabis-related businesses! Are you interested in bringing on new works of art from seasoned glass artists? Perhaps you’re aiming to expand your current portfolio of blown glass pipes in your retail catalog? Whatever the case, our selection is original, superior quality, and wonderfully diverse; if you’re looking to spice up your offerings, wholesale with Tako Glass may be the perfect avenue to explore!


About Wholesale Orders from Tako Glass

Our wholesale program is an excellent way to stock your shop with glass of the highest quality at a super awesome discount. For approved retailers, our wholesale pricing is 20% off when you purchase using a check. If you opt to pay via credit card, wholesale pricing is 15% off. Either way, these are sizable discounts on top-tier blown glass pipes, bongs, and accessories.


Why Wholesale with Us? 

This is an entirely new venture for us and after repeated requests for the opportunity to carry Tako Glass pieces, we have expanded into wholesale to meet that need. Our selection is broad and inclusive and the greatest benefit is the availability to receive wholesale pricing on your orders! Big savings are always important for businesses and we are all about supporting others in this same industry. 


If you are familiar with the Tako Glass brand, you are probably aware of the amount of love, good energy, and attention to detail that go into every piece crafted in my studio. Everything I produce is handmade, using time-honored techniques, with the finest glass possible, and 100% made in the USA. The same foundation applies to all of the artists whose work I sell; quality is non-negotiable and we are 100% dedicated to creating beautiful, unique, functional works of art. 


Support Small Businesses

By working with Tako Glass for wholesale orders, you are supporting a variety of small businesses. Considering how important it is for businesses to bolster one another, wholesale partnerships are an amazing opportunity for all parties involved. Your business gets the benefit of carrying top-quality, one-of-a-kind, artist-made products, while we gain further exposure thanks to your clientele. It’s an all-around win-win for all of us! 


How to Join our Wholesale Program

Purchasing wholesale orders from Tako Glass is pretty simple; it will involve filling out an application and awaiting approval. If you are a retail seller or have a shop and you possess an EIN number, along with a resellers permit, you will be able to apply for wholesale approval. You will also have to provide information such as your website, company name, and some details about yourself and the business so we can verify your identity. Once approved, you will be able to purchase from Tako Glass to receive wholesale pricing and discounts on all of our glass products.


Wholesale orders are now possible and we are stoked to offer such great pricing and options for our comrades in this business. If you are a retailer in the cannabis, glass pipe, or smoking accessories market, get ready for a whole new level of products available! While it’s no big deal to get wholesale orders on run-of-the-mill, mass-produced glass products that may be imported from places unknown, having the option to purchase true artisan-made, designer, and high-end pieces at wholesale cost is major. 


Let's grow our networks and expand the love, y’all! To learn more, visit the Tako Glass wholesale info page for additional details, to create an account, and fill out an application for approval today!