South-Paw Salute: We’ve Got Left Hand Pipes!


Left Handed Pipes


Lefties, are you tired of the world forgetting about you? Assuming that because 90% of humans use their right hands for the majority of their manual tasks, the remaining (extraordinary) 10% don’t need accommodations that fit their south-paw style? Well, when it comes to all things heady, Tako Glass has you covered. Nowhere else are you going to find such a dank selection of left-hand glass pipes that will keep you comfy and secure when burning. 


What Distinguishes a Left-Hand Glass Pipe?

Simply, it’s all about the carb and where it is situated on the pipe. On a right-hand pipe, the carb is typically placed on the left side of the bowl, enabling you to cup the pipe in your hand, placing the thumb on the carb. With a left-hand pipe, the carb is placed on the right side of the bowl, providing an opposite setup. 


Inclusivity Matters, Even with Glass Pipes

Though lefties may be a minority population, we know how important it is to have options. Using a right-handed pipe as a lefty gets annoying. Sure, it can be done; it obviously has been done over and over, but with the vast array of customized and one-of-a-kind hand blown glass pipes out there, it’s so important to cater to the left-handers among us. 

Some people alternate hands when smoking; meaning that some right-handers actually prefer a left-hand setup because they are more comfortable holding the pipe in their left hands. Some left-handed folks prefer a right-handed setup because it’s just more comfortable. And then there are those lefties whose right hands are almost useless when it comes to anything coordinated, and they wouldn’t trust their right hand to hold a lovely glass pipe while enjoying it! It’s for all of these (and many more) individual preferences that make it a necessity to offer left-handed options.

It must be mentioned that left-handed and right-handed pipes are also preferred by those who use a specific hand for their lighter. Have you ever tried using your non-dominant hand to use the lighter? It's an added bit of difficulty that can get in the way!


Scoring the Best

Not every shop out there offers left-hand pipes, and while it may not be too difficult to find a leftie, the vast majority of shops do not provide the best quality items. 

Here at Tako Glass, we like to keep everyone happy and we put a ton of good energy into everything we create. Our left-hand pipes have been selling off the shelves lately and we are more than pleased to keep our left-handed friends happy. 


Ambidextrous Pipes

If you’re interested in a carb-free kinda pipe, be sure to check out our selection of incredible glass chillum pipes! These beauties, available in an extensive range of colors and sizes, provide the simplest setup possible and they do not contain a carb, so no matter which hand you prefer, these will get the job done well.


Make it Custom

And for those who really want to go out on a limb and break from the pack, there lies the option to purchase a customized pipe, made exclusively for you. In this way, you can have your carb placed anywhere you like it on the piece for maximum enjoyment! Right, left, center; your choice!

We know how much it sucks when you can’t find a glass pipe that really “gets” you. And by no means are we the only shop offering left-handed products, but we definitely have a leg up on the competition regarding high-end, designer, and superior quality pipes offered in left-hand style. Check out our selection and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of!