Smoking Weed Around Pets


Smoking Weed Around Pets


Weed and Pets do not mix. We can’t get any more blunt than that (no pun intended). While you are free to enjoy all the incredible sensations of relaxation and pleasure, our bodies, brains, and overall chemistry are different. What’s safe for one species is not necessarily safe for another, so if you’re checking to see what your personal limitations may be if you have pets and smoke weed, it’s a great call.


Smoke & Ingest Responsibly

We are all about cannabis culture here at Tako Glass, and along those lines, we are all for the responsible enjoyment of this culture. It truly is a privilege to enjoy and with that privilege comes a great duty to enjoy it wisely. When it comes to your pets, please be extra careful about what they are exposed to. Cats and dogs are very much at-risk for harm done by second-hand smoke exposure, which can lead to respiratory damage. Most pets have much smaller lungs than humans and much faster metabolisms. This means they are less able to handle exposure to smoke of any kind. For this reason, please be sure to enjoy your herb away from them. If you can, keep your smoke outdoors to ensure they are not at risk of breathing it in.


Don’t Get Your Doggy High

When legalization occurred in Colorado, there was a fourfold occurrence of dogs experiencing THC toxicity. Dogs have very different brains than humans, and they have many more cannabinoid receptors than people. This means that when exposed to THC, they have a much greater capacity to be affected by the substance than humans, and their sensitive systems can easily become overwhelmed. While THC is generally fine for people to consume, it is a poison to dogs and can cause them to get very sick, very fast. It is quite common for dogs to become dizzy and disoriented if they are intoxicated, and being unaware of what’s happening can be a frightening experience.

Along these lines, dogs can actually die from an overdose, so in every possible circumstance, keep your herb away from your pup! Smaller dogs are even more susceptible to the dangers, which can include dropping their body temperatures drastically, causing additional dangers.

All forms of cannabis exposure are dangerous to dogs, but ingesting it is especially worrisome because it can lead to overdose and death. Though rare, there are reported cases of dogs dying due to consuming very large quantities of herb. So for those who simply have a pet dog, it is wide to keep all cannabis and accessories in safe places, exactly as you would if you have young children. 


No Cannabis for Kitties, Either

Both cats and dogs are at risk of poisoning from marijuana smoke but cats are not nearly as likely to eat it as dogs are. 

When exposed to THC, cats may react even more dramatically than dogs. Research has stated that cats experience issues with blood pressure and elevated heart rates, which can be very uncomfortable for them. Like dogs, they may get dizzy, disoriented, or show lethargy. 


What to do if Your Pet Has Consumed Weed?

If you think your pet may have gotten intoxicated due to exposure to smoke, or if you know they ingested herb, keep a watchful eye on them and contact your vet ASAP. In most cases, they should be fine, but it is very much in their best interest to seek medical attention to ensure they are not in danger. 


Smoke responsibly, friends!