Smokers Paranoia and How to Handle it

Smokers Paranoia - Tako Glass


For many people, smokers' paranoia happens in their early experimentation days, when they are first learning how their bodies react to weed. Some people may be prone to excessive chatting; others may feel edgy, nervous, and even paralyzingly paranoid. In this state of mind, things can be very uncomfortable; some people may even experience some pretty heavy emotional responses; a total antithesis to the relaxation and chill you’re expecting! However, as unpleasant as it may be, it’s a pretty common reaction and most of us are not strangers to the phenomenon. Even the most seasoned of smokers may stumble upon the occasional paranoid moment when stoned. Perhaps due to a new strain of herb, or your particular mindset or stress level at the moment; whatever the case, we’ve got some pro tips for you on how to overcome the paranoia.  


Prevention Beats Paranoia in its Tracks

If you’re prone to anxiety when you’re not high, you may be more susceptible to smoker’s paranoia. Our hot take on this matter is preventing it from creeping up goes a long way and is a pretty solid way to tackle it before it tackles you. One way to handle this is to try a strain of cannabis with a high level of CBD. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive. It has shown to be a great remedy for anxiety and paranoia in general, so it can produce the opposite effect on you, offering more clarity and relaxation.


Start Small

Another option you may try is to go for a small dose, using the tried and true “low and slow” method. This is basically exactly what it sounds like; start with a super small dose of cannabis and gradually increase the amount as you get more comfortable. Additionally, with this incremental approach, you won’t have to deal with paranoia from getting too high too fast.


Set the Mood: Ambiance and Relaxation

Think of it as a ritual for your own self-care by setting the scene for relaxation. For some, this may include some chill music; perhaps a candle or two. Maybe it means kicking back on your patio or in your backyard and soaking up the vibes from the outdoor world. Whatever getting relaxed means to you, do that. Being in a hectic, loud, chaotic space may only add to your anxiety, so do your best to avoid such environments. Additionally, it may also help to have the company of a few friends who can add to the chill scene and help you out, if you need.


Consider Breathwork

Breathing techniques may be an option to try as well, for both handling smoker’s paranoia and anxiety in general. Many people appreciate the correlation between controlled breathing and having greater control over your mind and thoughts. In the event your heart is racing, being able to come back to your breath is a great way to calm things down. The simplest technique, and one of the most effective, involves taking a deep breath, holding it, and releasing it slowly and controlled. Think in terms of threes: breathe in slowly for three seconds, then hold it for another three, and release it in three seconds. Breathwork is a great tool to get a hold of your mind and body really easily and you can apply the techniques just about anywhere, whenever you need to; whether you are dealing with smoker’s paranoia or anxiety.


Increasing perceptions and awareness, heightening the senses, and allowing your brain to focus on thoughts more clearly are some of the most common experiences people have with cannabis. However, along with these relaxing and eye-opening benefits, some people may be prone to immense overthinking, high anxiety, and crazy paranoia. These experiences are anything but fun, and these sensations are difficult to handle. However, with the right tools and mindset, you can conquer smoker’s paranoia and enjoy the experience.