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Being a business that centers around the creation of hand-blown glass art, no two Tako Glass pieces are the same. While many may feature similarities, each one is unique, so whenever we have something new dropping, you bet the first ones to hear about it are those who are connected to our newsletter. Whether we’re featuring Tako’s pieces, or if we are featuring the work of other artists in our sphere, our goal is to ensure we get the word out! Whether you purchase new pieces casually, consider yourself a hobbyist, or are a true-to-form collector of blown glass pipes, we are all about keeping you in the know.

We take immense pride in everything we create and every artist whose work we showcase and sell. We enjoy sharing the process, the elements, the thought, and the care that goes into every one of our designs. Whether we venture into the territory of developing entirely new styles or continuously update the classics, we aim to stay true to the reputation we’ve built over the years.

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