Showing Some Love to Our Artist Vendors

Tako Glass Vendors


One of the coolest aspects of being a glass artist is the deep sense of community in the industry. This is a really niche market, bridging the gap of age-old artisan techniques with modern innovations while developing products for fun utilization. The connections and partnerships that have come from just networking and working with others have been immensely satisfying and have really built upon this tribe we’ve developed. And with that said, I’d like to talk about the incredible artists whose work I am so proud to feature on my website. As an artist, one element to creating is admiring the creations and pieces my peers make, and I am so stoked to share these with you.


Sharing the Love

I have had the pleasure of taking lessons from many great artists over the years and through the course of my personal artistic journey. Among them are Siren Apparatus, Jason Lee, Phil Siegel, Marcel, Chris Carlson, Jake C, Hamm, and so many others. My work is definitely influenced by these fine folks and they have each contributed knowledge and techniques I am proud to bring into my own work. 


Because of their incredible generosity, I truly love returning the favor to others. Supporting other glass artists is a passion of mine, and it is an honor to bring on new vendors to the Tako Glass Website.    


Highlights of Current Vendors 

Currently, we have a fantastic range of artists as vendors on the website. Here is a brief intro to their styles and what they currently bring to the show. 


AMBP Glass: Artist and musician, AMPB Glass is a talented craftsman who creates the wildest rigs. He started blowing glass in 2016 and has been killing it since. 


Street Kitty Glass: AKA Tara PJ is an all-around multimedia artist from the PNW who has been creating pipes for the last decade. She mixes organic themes into her lovely creations, bringing a super unique style to the collective.


Lab Rat Glass: Lab Rat Glass is a husband and wife duo with 38 years of experience. They specialize in some really wild dichro and cane pipes, with deep cobalt blues and iridescence, along with details and sculptural flourishes.


Zafa Glass: Zafa Glass is the brainchild of Zach Faust a glass artisan and fume alchemist, in his own words. He has been creating the goods since 2000, and he offers some gorgeous works of art. 


Bunky Glass: Mike Engle is the man behind this rad line of glass creations, which includes his exquisite jewelry range. Mike has a really interesting background as a lampwork artist, graphic designer, and fine artist. He enjoys the spirit of innovation and experimentation involved in glass, and he dedicates much of his time to glass techniques and teaching the ways of the torch.


Join the Tako Glass Family

Here at Tako Glass, we are purveyors of glass blowing excellence. While I am an artist deeply passionate about creating my blown glass works of art, I love building up my fellow artists and seeing them thrive as well. If you are interested in joining the fam, reach out and connect with us today. We are always open to partnerships with other artists and vendors!