New Vendor Announcement- Milkyway Glass!

The time has come for us to introduce a new vendor for our latest glass bong drop, Milkyway Glass! We have become an official distributor of these sweet new bongs for a reason. From their legendary stories to their sandblasted visuals, this company does not disappoint!


Designed in California, Milkyway Glass has been in the glass business for over 10 years and expresses their ideas through functional glass art that bridge the gap between artist and customer. This company pours their heart into every detail in hopes of connecting to you on a deeper level within the industry.


From beakers bongs to straight tubes to ash catchers and pull slides, Milkyway makes sure that every piece tells a story.


The Skull Emperor beaker bong tells the story of Horan an emperor who has nothing left to wager but death itself. This bong comes in the classic clear coloring or in the darker smoke color way with skulls piling up at the base and the dead emperor rising from the center of the bong. If you dig skulls you’re going to love this beauty! Meanwhile the Dark Matter Generator dab rig offered in an amazing purple, depicts an alien species from another galaxy that sought to advance technology through dark matter. With deep textured grooves and incredible details swirling around the entire piece, you will not be disappointed adding this piece to your collection!


The alien extraction pullslide, part of the Space Odyssey collection, shows a UFO in search of hidden treasure, beaming mini bongs and rigs down to earth and into the Tako Glass studio. The dark blue color makes the orbiting planet, stars and astroids really pop, drawing your attention to every last detail on this 4 inch pull slide. The Crystallized Dark Blue and Silver Frit Straight Tube comes with a sense of unknown featuring a textured criss crossed double layered sandblasted grip and a depiction of a heart, which is actually an upside-down bud. This bong includes an orbit bowl, stem, and even has an ice-restriction feature.


These pieces are special to us because they not only look cool but they each have a unique texture providing a whole new ASMR sensation. I love holding each one of these pieces. The carved grooves feel so pleasing to my brain and fingertips when I touch them. I don’t want to set them down, they just feel that good. From the sandblasted etchings to the deep grooves in the graphics to the overall weight of each piece this company strives to make their products come alive in your hands. They choose to sandblast their pieces to demonstrate a simplicity in design while simultaneously embodying a deeper meaning behind its textured art.


Milkyway is a brand focused on innovation. Every glass piece is thoughtfully created with the individuality of its customers in mind. This brand is hitting the mark on affordable, aesthetically pleasing and practical glass for everyone while maintaining high quality standards. We can’t wait to see what they create next!


We are so excited to be getting these hot new pieces in your hands! Check out our website for more pieces from Milkyway where your dreams of distant galaxies are made real! And don’t stop at the amazing visuals, keep reading to dive deeper into the whimsical stories that inspired each piece of glass in this collection.