Limited Masterpiece: Augy x Tako Collab Linework Beaker Bong

Tako Glass Collab


In the world of artistic collaborations, sometimes the most captivating creations emerge when two master craftsmen join forces. Such is the case with the remarkable collaboration between glass blowers AUGY Glass and TAKO Glass, resulting in the exquisite "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB " Linework Beaker Bong. This limited-edition masterpiece is more than just a functional smoking apparatus; it is a collector's dream, a true embodiment of artistry and collaboration.

The Birth of a Vision

The story behind the "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB " Linework Beaker Bong is one of artistic kinship and shared passion. AUGY and TAKO, both celebrated for their individual contributions to the glassblowing world, found common ground in their pursuit of pushing creative boundaries. This collaboration represents not only the fusion of their distinct styles but also a tribute to the collective power of artistic minds.

A Work of Art in Glass

Standing at an impressive 15 inches, the "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB " Linework Beaker Bong is a symphony of form and color. The attention to detail is evident from the rainbow linework that adorns the bong's surface. This intricate linework flows seamlessly from the pull slide to the joint, from the down stem to the disc at the bottom of the chamber, and gracefully up to the neck. The addition of a white opal set within a clear marble at the base of the down stem adds a touch of elegance.

The use of shimmering electric color glass accents on the mouthpiece, neck art, joint, and bottom disc adds an element of visual excitement. The deep hues play with the light, creating a mesmerizing dance that complements the overall design.

Symbolism and Signature Marks

Every detail of the "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB " Linework Beaker Bong carries significance. The purple TAKO logo gracing the neck is a testament to the collaboration, marking this piece as a product of two visionary artists. On the reverse side, white AUGY logos on the chamber and the accompanying ash catcher provide a subtle nod to AUGY Glass's contribution to the creation.

An Experience Beyond Functionality

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB " Linework Beaker Bong offers a functional experience that speaks to the craftsmanship of both AUGY and TAKO. The bong includes a removable linework downstem and a clear 14mm ash catcher, complete with an Augy logo. These additions not only enhance the smoking experience but also showcase the meticulous attention to detail that went into every aspect of the creation.

A Collector's Treasure

The limited nature of the "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB" Linework Beaker Bong adds a layer of exclusivity that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike. Owning one of these limited pieces means becoming a custodian of a tangible work of art, a collaborative effort between two of the glassblowing world's finest talents.

Crafted with Passion in the USA

Handmade in the USA by AUGY and TAKO, this collaborative creation is a tribute to American craftsmanship. The dedication, skill, and passion of these artists shine through in every inch of the bong, making it a true representation of their artistic journeys.


The "AUGY X TAKO COLLAB" Linework Beaker Bong is more than just a smoking accessory; it is an embodiment of creativity, collaboration, and artistic expression. AUGY Glass and TAKO Glass have succeeded in crafting a limited-edition piece that stands as a collector's dream. From its detailed linework to its carefully selected opal accents, this bong encapsulates the spirit of artistic partnership and the beauty of functional art.