Introducing the Crystal Seaweed Bong

Crystal Seaweed Glass Bong


Inspiration breeds creative explorations into unchartered territory and my latest work is pure evidence of this! Fresh out of attending a glassblowing class with the legendary Banjo Glass, my juices were fired up and I came home ready to create. The result was this wild seaweed bong. Read on to learn more about this piece, about what went into its development from planning to its final execution! Collectors, take note - this is a one-of-its-kind work of art!


Playing Wizard With Glass

So much went into this piece; I pretty much rounded up every technique I use and infused them all to see where it went. The completed work is as over-the-top as I could make it, and it was a true challenge of my capabilities. That aspect of this creation was incredibly fun, and one of the most valuable lessons I gained from the class I took. Sometimes as an artist, it’s so refreshing to dedicate time to just learning and seeing the art through someone else’s perspective. Fully inspired and ready to create, I put so much energy into this piece. What you see in the Crystal Seaweed Bong is a true marvel, the physical embodiment of my artistic powers pushed to their limits.


Visions From Distant Corners of the Galaxies

The design features endless facets included everywhere on the bong. I started with my signature nebula colorway, with undulating purple clouds, silver fume, and sparkly space dust. The seaweed bong is a unique variation of our purple nebula with an oceanic and seaweed vibe. The Glass Crystal Seaweed color is stunning, with a luscious, hazy, milky blue hue, and a rich blue seaweed under layer. I took things into the farthest depths of space by infusing Purple Nebula into the piece’s design, resulting in an oceanic effect, mimicking the wild coastlines of Washington State and Northern California. Like oceans from the deep space nebula cluster clouds, I imagine seas forming within the stars. 


Opals and Rainbows Galore

Keeping with the otherworldly kick, this piece was surely in need of wild, heady gems to add to the planetary feel it delivers. In the far outer regions of space and time, I imagine planets of swirling rainbows of colors, echoing back the light of the stars. A massive 20 mm opal coin crystal is set into the back of this piece, delivering an intense glow with brilliant rainbow kaleidoscope projections. This prism-like opal is surely from the far, outer regions of time and space, with its bright, blazing fire. This piece alone will hypnotize; with its endless facets, rainbows are created in abundance when sunlight hits it. 


A 10 mm Nebula opal slide adds more visual appeal, and with deep cuts into the slide, you have windows that give you a peek into the deep space magic that would otherwise be missed. This opal planet also serves as a handle to keep your hands safe from heat during use. Even the mouthpiece, 14 mm female joint, and base of this bong are faceted, for added light-capturing effect. Seriously, at every angle, this piece flashes color and light. 96 cuts in total were made, leveling out a truly 5th dimension deep space work of art that I put all of my skill, creativity, imagination, and passion into. 


This piece is really from another world, transferring the energy captured during a deep meditative trance while creating it! Made to blow minds and remind all who view it of the capabilities of our psyches and creative potential when we put all of ourselves into our work, the Crystal Seaweed Bong is a true culmination of my skills and creativity as an artist, at this point in time. Perfect for all varieties of herb, including oil and flower, use this piece and enjoy the journey of where it takes you!