Introducing PuffCo Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro

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I want to take some time to introduce these really cool new electronic dabbing rigs. The Puffco Peak Pro is the pinnacle of on the go portable e-rig dabbing. They feature water filtration and give smooth hits. They are easy to use, have a ton of different settings, hook up to your phone via bluetooth, they are like the Tesla of dabbing, or like having an xbox to dab from. So much fun to use. 


The main difference between traditional dabbing and the new Puffco is no butane torch is needed for the puffco. While I love heating my banger with a torch, ( I mean its fun to play with fire), its not the most convenient way to consume. With the Puffco all you have to do is hit a button to turn it on and you are ready to dab.

If you are a novice to dabbing, the Puffco makes it super simple. There is bearly any learning curve. 

Its a Smart Rig

The Peak pro has an integrated thermometer. The thermometer gives the base unit feedback on how much to heat the bowl. This helps the device make adjustments for larger or smaller dabs, faster/slower tokes and varying ambient temperatures.

Oculus Carb Cap

The new “Oculus Carb Cap” is a game changer in and of itself. There are two major upgrades to this design

The carb cap clicks in, so it can’t fall off while you’re moving the peak to hit it (letting delicious terpenes to escape). This would often happen when handing it to someone, only to watch them fumble the carb cap and waste the dab.

The carb cap now has an air inlet that creates a tornado of air inside of the bowl. This means you don’t have to move the carb cap around like with the initial design to get the dab to move around in the bowl and keep it from getting stuck in the corners.

The Puffco has an App for that.

The puffco has an app the works for both Iphone and android. Its so much fun to hook up your phone to make changes in the temperature, lighting, boost mode, and other cool features. For deeper control, use the smartphone app.


Lantern mode – allows you to set a colour and animation for the peak to perform. The Peak Pro has LED lights that make it the centerpiece of any room. Controlling the mood lights, a built in LED functionality, on the Puffco App makes the Puffco New Peak Pro the centerpiece of attention. Its super fun to change the lighting around each night to set the mood. 


Ready Mode – allows you to select a heat setting to auto-intiate when removed from the Peak Pro Dock. Puffco has a wireless dock to charge your unit. No more forgetting to plug it in at the end of a sesh. 

Boost mode – This is a great feature. Custom heat profiles have an extended time cycle but for extra large dabs. It is super convenient being able to add +15s without having to do a full heating cycle and risk burning the dab like with the old peak.

The Puffco Peak pro comes with a hard shell travel case

The Peak Pro travel case is fully legit. It’s a hard-shell case, easy to use with a magnetic clasp and a handle on top. Inside are two storage compartments for cotton swabs, the power cord, and a couple small accessories. The Peak Pro slides into a custom fit mold, and you don’t have to take the glass off. There are two more slots for the loading tool and the carb cap. Super easy to toss into your backpack and hit the road and go for a hike or a day at the river.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Cleaning and maintenance are pretty simple and are about what you’d expect. Swab the chamber after each session, and soak other parts in rubbing alcohol for deeper cleanings. If you want a super clean chamber, swab after each session. We have all your cleaning accessories available here Cleaning supplies