Introducing Our Vendor LoveGlass

Love Glass


We would like to introduce one of our favorite vendors, LoveGlass, and tell you a little more about his work. We are so impressed with his pieces and carrying them on our site is such a privilege! So read on to learn a little more about the artist and what goes into the creation of every piece.


Finding the Torch and Falling in Love

LoveGlass hails from beautiful Austin, TX and he was hooked on glass from the moment he first stumbled across the torch. He credits the medium with finding him, and not the other way around.

Growing up, he was surrounded by many inspiring artists who helped him develop his own killer style. And while he has no artistic background prior to working with blown glass, this continuous immersion in the arts has definitely come through in his work.


The Path to Pro

LoveGlass’s journey from novice to professional artist happened similarly to how it does for many of us. Slow and steady. While he took baby steps in the beginning by producing simple things while learning the technique, he can now create the masterpieces he envisions with his mind’s eye. 


The Inspiration Behind LoveGlass’s Process

LoveGlass finds inspiration and manages to stay continuously inspired by nature and travel, which he credits as his biggest inspirations. These forces are intrinsic to his creativity; he finds that losing touch with either can trigger a fall in creativity - which is definitely not an outcome any professional artist wishes for! 


Goals and the Pursuit of Happiness

LoveGlass’s goals as an artist are pretty simple. He has never set out to be the biggest name in the industry; there are more than enough opportunities for everyone here. His dream is to simply live well on art. And who can blame him? As far as we’re concerned, that’s living the dream!  

Always focused on the personal process of creation, LoveGlass considers his biggest challenge as an artist is getting out of his own head. And for many of us, that really is one of the greatest hurdles to creating and sustaining production.

LoveGlass’s main thought on how huge the glass-blown pipe/ bong market has become is gratitude! He embraces both the opportunities that have been accessible for so many like himself and he loves the creative challenges that come out of it. 

Though it’s definitely interesting to remain in a constant state of evolution, he’s grateful for the necessity of pushing himself in a new direction. He has found in the industry that as soon as he thinks he’s found his own comfortable lane to flow in, 100 other artists start making similar pieces. Rather than get down on the experience, though, he enjoys constantly being pushed to evolve his style.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed this look at LoveGlass’s background, interests, and process. We are so thrilled to have his work in the shop. Go check out some pieces and grab a few, y’all. Love is all we need, right? Well, in the case of glass, the answer is a staunch “hell yeah!”