Interested in Something Unique? Let’s Talk Custom Orders


Custom Orders from Tako Glass


Got something on your mind regarding blown glass that you want to hash out? Perhaps some kind of interesting creation that has not yet been created, and you’d like me to unearth it? Maybe you’ve got a fusion of Tako signature elements brewing in your imagination and you’d like to see them materialize. There is just one solution to any of these issues: a custom order from Tako Glass. 


Custom orders are perfect for the connoisseur, collector, or enthusiast who wants something special or different than what’s presently available. If you’re after a truly mind-blowing work of blown glass art, that you can use and admire to your heart’s content, give us a holler and let us know what you’ve got in mind.


Why a Custom Order

Sometimes, custom is the only way to go, and if you are familiar with the unique and otherworldly creations Tako is famous for, you know the level of artistry you can expect. If you’ve checked out our Collector’s Choice pieces, you should be familiar with some of the interesting, unusual, and remarkable works we have available for sale. The Collector’s collection is a truly extraordinary portfolio of pieces that are unlike any others. They are made with a combination of mad genius and decades of skill, and they feature some wild designs. Opals, spaceships, nebulas, and purple glass galore; this is just a mere peek into the capabilities Tako excels in. These exquisite details are also an inkling as to what you may be interested in requesting for your custom piece.


Additionally, if you’ve seen a Tako Glass item in the past and lost your chance to make it yours, let us know because we may be able to craft up something similar. So, if you’ve got an idea in mind and want some help executing it and bringing it to life, we may be able to create some magic together. 


Types of Blown Glass Pieces 

In the world of tobacco pipes, rigs, bongs, and other accessories, there are few artists with the skill and craftsmanship available from Tako. From Sherlock pipes to Chillums, Hammer-style pipes, and Bubble Caps, the options for custom are pretty limitless - and that’s the beauty of the process. Literally, almost anything you want can be conjured up. If you’re interested in a bowl decked out with opals, a nebula spaceship pipe, color-changing pull-slides, mini tubes, mini rigs, and water pipes; there are endless options! Don’t ever feel limited by simply what’s available in stock. If you’re curious about having a custom piece designed and created just for you, we urge you to let your imagination run wild; that’s precisely what’s exciting about the custom creations for us. 


How to Get Your Own Custom Tako Glass Piece

If you want a custom piece, let’s talk. Shoot us an email, use the contact page on our website, or connect over social media and let us know what you’re interested in. Part of the excitement of custom creations is the collaborative effort, and we really love working with our customers to create beloved pieces they will love and cherish for the long haul. Using our artistry to keep our customers satisfied is what custom creations are all about; reach out to us today to learn more!