I Got F*cked up

Ok so some of the boys stopped by who work at the local weed store. We decided to check out some of the Live Resin THCA Diamond Sauce I have available. https://www.takoglass.com/collections/thca/products/sunset-sherbert-1g-live-resin-thca-diamond-sauce

HOly shhit, we broke out our PuffCo Peak Pro and loaded up some fat dabs. Fuck its so tasty and full of hash. It tastes and feels just like the hash they carry at the weed store. The high was instinatious like you would expect from something that is 80%. It quickly turned into a circle of giggles and belly laughs. We needed napkins to wipe our eyes from laughing so hard and our noses from the consequences of taking fat hash rips. Super fun. Needless to say WE all got really plowed. It kinda ruined my work day, lol and I had to come write this blog and felt like telling you about my experience, because i cant blow glass right now. I am going to go eat a chicken sandwich.

Its pretty rad that this Live Resin THCA Sauce is available and LEGAL FOR ME TO SHIP RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. Cheaper than at the weed store too! Once this catches on I wont be able to keep it in stock. Take it from three dudes who are in the industry professionally and have everything available at our fingertips, this THCA Live Resin is the shit and legit AF.

 I have 3 flavors of Live Resin THCA Diamond Sauce available right now. I also have 3 flavors of Pre rolls with Live Resin centers and glass tips. Plus all the THCA Flowers available in 4g. eights.