How to Make the Perfect Dab


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The perfect dab rarely comes to you on your first try; there is nothing quite like it and once you experience it, there will be no turning back. Making the perfect dab comes down to the culmination of several factors: exact timing, precise temperature, and most importantly, the perfect technique. Additionally, having high-quality concentrates and a properly clean banger are also part of the equation. So if you’re interested in learning the tricks and skills of creating the perfect dab, we’ll be sharing the details in this article. Read on and you’ll be dabbing like a pro in no time.


  • Quality Concentrates

Quality is a serious concern so don’t waste your time with subpar concentrates. Get your goods from dispensaries of high repute or alchemists you put your faith in. No randoms. If your concentrates are lab-tested, that is a great indicator of quality. Full-spectrum and high-terpene full-spectrum concentrates are ideal.


  • Temperature is Everything

To master the art of dabbing, the temperature is a key aspect of the process. Low temps are the goal here, as they help to preserve the presence of terpenes while also going easy on your lungs. However, the perfect temperature will vary from piece to piece, since the size and thickness of your bowl determine how much heat you’ll need. In any case, trial and error will be necessary.


  • Tools of the Trade

Dabbing requires the right tools. These include: 

  1. A dab rig and nail: To get the most flavor and luscious milk vapor, using a small rig with a quartz nail is best.
  2. Carb cap: Necessary for dabbing correctly, bubble carb caps and directional carb caps are ideal for channeling the airflow within the nail chamber to ensure your temperatures are as low as possible.
  3. Dabber: The dabber is the tool used for handling concentrates. Because they are pricey and it is best to protect them from contamination, never touch the concentrates. Different styles of dabbers are used to handle the various consistencies of concentrates.
  4. eNails: Precise temperatures are necessary for achieving perfect dab sessions and this is the most difficult part of dabbing. eNails allow you to maintain consistent temperatures without a blowtorch, thermometer gun, and a timer when heating your nail. Simply set your eNail to the temperature you want and allow the machine to take control from there. Just be careful not to burn yourself on the hot coil!


  • Keep Things Clean

One of the most important aspects of dabbing is cleanliness. To get the perfect dab, your tools should be clean and prepped for use; they need to be cleaned regularly. Swabbing your nail after every use is a smart way to go, as it offers the easiest cleaning while ensuring you have a tasty dab every time. A clean dab rig equals clean, fresh flavor and aromas from your concentrates, without compromise from filthy equipment.


  • Perfecting Your Technique

Time, practice, and patience will inevitably get you the skills needed to boast yourself as a dabbing pro. While it will take some time to get where you want to be, you do get to have fun and dab your way into expertise.


So, that sums up the art and skill of how to make the perfect dab. Practice will get you where you want to go, and most importantly, help you understand what you like so you can achieve more of it. Visit to check out our selection of accessories and products to help make the finest dabs around!