How to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Potent


Fresh weed


Nothing like fresh weed, right? It just tastes better, performs better, and feels better. Keeping your weed fresh maintains its quality for both short-term and long-term enjoyment. Here are some tips to help keep your herb as fresh as can be to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The Perfect Conditions to Keep Weed Fresh

There are four main points that affect the freshness of cannabis:

  • Light
  • Temperature 
  • Oxygen
  • Humidity

These factors degrade the quality and potency of herb when not kept in check. By keeping your storage protected from these conditions, you can preserve its potency. 

Ideal Storage for Weed

The best way to store your herb is in an airtight, sealed, UV-protected glass container. Cannabinoids and terpenes are affected by oxygen, light, and heat so protecting against these influences is important. 

We now carry some top-notch weed storage jars. They are handmade, blown glass jars with screw-on caps that offer fantastic protection from the elements. Perfectly sized for storing smaller quantities of weed, at 1.5” deep and 2” wide, they offer just the right amount of space to preserve freshness.

Keep in mind though, weed does have a pretty good shelf life on its own and cannabinoid degradation takes about three months to set in when kept at room temperature in a dark room.

 Tips to Keep Your Weed Fresh

  • Do not store your weed in the freezer or the fridge, as the temperatures can fluctuate and this can cause excess moisture in your storage container, leading to moldy weed. 
  • Keep your weed away from damp environments as much as possible, this includes high-humidity situations.
  • Don’t purchase herb in bulk unless you plan to use it in a timely manner. Over time, it can dry out and lose potency within 3 months.
  • Use a humidity pack in your herb jar to help keep the right moisture balance for your flower.
  • Invest in a humidor to store your cannabis to keep it fresh at all times. You may be familiar with cigar humidors, however, cannabis humidors exist and serve a fantastic purpose.
  • Keep your weed in a cool place, with temps between 50℉ and 86℉ (70℉ as the sweet spot), to maintain terpenes and cannabinoids. 
  • Don’t grind quantities ahead of time; grind only the amount you need at that moment. Grinding processes the herb, causing loss of aroma, and flavor, and speeds up the rate of terpene degradation. 
  • Buy the freshest herb you can get. In cannabis-legal states, harvest dates are printed on each container.
  • Don’t ever store your herb in plastic or silicone containers. When the trichomes stick to the walls, cannabinoid, and terpene levels can be reduced. Terpenes can also cause the silicone to break down, leading to toxins leaching into your weed.
  • Excessive light exposure should be avoided. When not smoking your herb, keep it safely stored in a UV-protected airtight container, away from light, including sunlight. A dark glass container is preferable over a clear one. A closet or pantry is usually a good option to hold your weed jar

Keeping your weed fresh is a must! You want maximum potency and all the flavor you can get, so storing it right will ensure it stays in prime condition. Treat your herb right and it will return the favor over and over again.