How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

How to keep weed fresh


Fresh weed is the best weed! If you’re looking for the latest products designed to ensure your herb stays fresh, we got all the details. We’re going to share all the best products you need in your collection to keep your weed stored well for full satisfaction. Read on and get ready for the freshest weed ever!


Roor Glass Jars

Glass jars are a time-honored staple for keeping weed fresh. However, your average mason jar is not ideal to ensure your goods stay in peak performance. What we recommend are Roor Glass Jars, which happen to be the finest glass jars for storing herb. A must for every smoker’s accessory collection, if you want the best option for flavorful, super-fresh nugs, don’t store your herb anywhere else!


These jars are specifically made for cannabis and terpenes because proper freshness is a necessity. Roor is known for its superb-quality bongs and its jars are fashioned of the same premium borosilicate Pyrex glass. You can expect the same kind of longevity from their jars as their bongs because these folks know what they’re doing.


Roor jars feature a glass-on-glass wide-mouth design, delivering a perfectly air-tight seal to ensure long-lasting preservation. All the while, they are easy to access thanks to a sweet apothecary style top. This helps keep it easy to open without losing your grip or dropping the top. There are no other weed jars around that offer such a secure fit and feel! 


Roor Glass Jars also happen to be pretty dope looking as well, because who doesn’t appreciate the fine view of your herb as it’s housed beautifully in clear glass where you can admire it? Each jar features the classic, tasteful Roor logo in white. Weed is exquisite; it should be kept in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.


We have five different jar sizes available: 


Travel-Friendly Weed Storage

Need portability? We got you covered on that too! While glass jars are the preferred option for keeping your weed fresh, when you can’t be at home, RYOT Head Cases are the best you can get. These brilliant cases were designed specifically to hit all the points smokers need. They are secure enough to keep your pipes safe and cushioned, while also being made with some of the coolest technology out there: odor-absorbing carbon-permeated padding material! The SmellSafe technology is rad; it allows you to carry the dankest bud without leaving a trail because it neutralizes odors.  


RYOT cases feature highly-durable hard exteriors and protective, soft, memory-foam-like interiors to keep your precious goods safe. These cases feature weather-proof materials and moisture-seal zippers to deliver the safest storage. They provide top-notch discretion and utility, without sacrificing style!



Whether you are an everyday burner or you keep it more casual, being able to keep your weed fresh over a long period of time is essential. And for that, you need top-of-the-line storage options. Say goodbye to subpar jars and random containers; upgrade your weed storage today!