How to Keep Your Glass Pipe Safe


How to keep glass pipes safe


Glass pipes are the best pipes, and while they deliver the best performance and the most aesthetic appeal, they do come with some inherent danger. Glass is breakable and there is nothing worse than losing a cherished piece you love to a break. So to help keep your pieces safe and to help offer some insight with the intention of preventing unfortunate accidents that lead to broken glass, here are my expert tips to keep your glass pipes safe. 


The Portability Factor

First things first, your pipe should be really guarded if you’re going to risk holding it in a pocket. Pocket pipes are loved for this very reason, being small, portable, and capable of fitting in a pocket, but a glass pocket pipe deserves the best treatment. 


Glass pocket pipes are subject to damage when kept in a pocket without proper protection. If you’re holding one in your pants pocket, and you happen to sit down too forcefully or you accidentally bump into something, your pipe will be in danger of being smashed. Shattered glass in your pocket is so dangerous, leaving you vulnerable to further injury.


Invest in Safety Gear

Yes, I am serious! No matter what your lifestyle is like; outdoorsy and always on the go, or if you’re just into being a relaxed homebody, you need to keep your glass pipes safe. Whether for portability or at-home security, if you’ve lost one too many glass pieces to gravity and solid floors, or if you’d like to plan ahead for such emergencies, here are some items you can consider for keeping your glass pipes safe.


  • Protective Cases: Pretty much a mandatory item for any stoner or glass collector. If you don't have a case for your pipe(s), you’re taking too many chances! There are endless varieties available, you can even make your own if you want to. If you’ve got a glass piece you love, be sure to have a case for safekeeping.


  • Tako Custom Mood Mat: The signature Tako Glass octopus mood mat is a rather cool statement piece for the surfaces you may place your piece on and it was created to protect your pipes from hitting anything too hard. If you tend to use your pipe in a single spot, like a desk or a coffee table, you can rest assured that it will offer some protection from shattering. And a bonus: your table or desk will look mighty fine in the process.


  • Top-Quality Glass Pipes: Quality is also a serious consideration. While it won’t cushion or break a fall, the better and thicker the glass piece is, the less susceptible to breaks it will be. Thick glass pipes can definitely break, they are glass after all, but they are less prone to shattering than lower-end, thin glass pipes.


Things to Keep in Mind for Long-Term Protection

Simply, if you love your pipe, keep it safe. Don’t leave it laying around, even when you’re chilling at home. Keep it in a designated spot, ideally in a case or cushioned pouch, whenever you are not using it. It’s easy to set your pipe down on the closest surface; a countertop, a car roof, your coffee table, but if it’s not being used, it’s pretty easy to forget about your piece and leave it to chance. Create a habit of protecting your pipe so you never have to worry about where you left it, or even worse, mourn its demise.


Keeping your glass pipes safe requires some extra steps but they are so worth it. Protect your pipe and it will last forever; play it risky and that gorgeous piece will be reduced to shards. With an endless array of cases available for safekeeping and mood mats to keep your floors additionally protective, you’ll have no problems keeping your glass pipes free from harm. If you love your glass pipe, keeping it safe is a must!