Everything You Need to Know About Hash Pipes

What is a Hash Pipe?

A hash pipe looks like a normal pipe in its shape and feel, but its bowl is deep and narrow, with no hole in the bottom, not your typical shallow pipe bowl. A hash pipe can be any shape of pipe, sherlock, hammer, or squatlock. Approximately half way up this narrow chamber bowl, on the side is one to three holes for air intake. This deep bowl chamber is where the hash goes and you would heat and melt it using a hot wand or heating device. Using some form of heated wand allows for controlled heating of the product. The hole in the side also allows for the hash to be heated, bubble up and vaporize without falling through a hole in the bottom of the bowl. This helps to create a clean, less harsh hit. Here at Tako Glass we provide quartz wands to use to melt your hash. Quartz is a heat-resistant and strong material which won't crack while heating and reheating like normal glass wands are apt to do. 


What is Hash?

Hash is short for hashish which is a cannabis concentrate. Hash is created by isolating the trichomes aka resin from the cannabis plant. This resin is filled with all the good stuff, like terps and cannabinoids, that makes your hash taste good and makes you feel good when consuming it. Depending on how the hash is extracted and processed it can be crumbly, soft, or hard and solid. There are a bunch of different kinds of hash that vary in color, texture, consistency and potantcy. 

The different types of hash include dry sift, bubble hash, and rosin. Dry sift is made by mechanically seperating trichomes by sifting cannabis plants through different screens. Bubble hash uses water and ice to seperate the resin or trichomes from the plant. Finally, rosin is created by applying heat and pressure to either flower or hash which in turn creates hash rosin. 


Our favorite is the good stuff you know and love, that old school Afghani hash. It got it's name because it was once produced widely in Afghanistan and pays homage to the soft black hash made by hand from high quality cannabis. Afghani hash is made in the old school way pressing dry sift cannabis until it's elastic, flavorful and highly aromatic. 

New School hash is just as awesome though, in flavor and potency and producers are becoming highly innovative now that the cannabis industry is so wide spread and popular. New school hash is created using a variety of methods that combine new age technology with old school methods of extraction.  

Dry dabbing with hash hammers aka not using water can create more flavorful and allow for more precision when heating the hash. This form of dabbing makes it a lot more convenient to dab on the go without the need to bring water or spill it. 

How to Use:

1. Put some hash in your the chamber or "bowl" of your pipe 

2. Heat your quartz wand or other heating device

3. Wait a few seconds to cool after heating

4. Touch hot wand to the hash inside your bowl and inhale as the hash melts and produces vapors.

Note: you do not have to melt the whole glob of hash all at once. This is where the hot wand comes in handy because you can choose how much of the hash you want to heat and therefore inhale. This adds precision and efficiency to your smoke sesh. 

5. Clean and Repeat.

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Our Latest Hash Hammer Drop 

 We recently received a bunch of hash hammers from one of Tako's good friends Crondo and we are all super stoked to be working with him! These hammers are super unique featuring original styles and colors that will knock your socks off. Including super vibrant oneof a kind colors and tons of fumed hammers. Check out the entire collection on Crondo Glassics page on our website by clicking the link below!