Got a Gift Card or Holiday Cash? Spend it Here!

Tako Glass Gift Cards


Happy Holidays from Tako Glass! Did Santa or other loved ones shower you with gift cards or cash this season? If so, that means you get to choose the gifts you truly want! And we know, that means Tako Glass pipes! 


Because it’s still the holiday season, we thought it would be prime time to cover what we think are the very best gifts to give yourself or others. We have so many cool items that should be in your arsenal, so read on if you’d like some ideas on the best products you need along with our picks for great gifts!


To Keep Things Thrifty

If you have been blowing through your savings this holiday season, it should be a relief to know we’ve got some great items that keep things really affordable. Our picks for great gifts that will not break the bank are:


  • Gun dabbers: Hilarious and pretty cool-looking, these dabbers make great gifts. They include a metal scoop to achieve big ones.
  • Pet toys: For pups and kitties, we got the goods! Green leaves, hemp joints, and other comical delights will have you and your critters entertained.
  • Q-tips: Our handy, Fresh AF Cotton Swabs - yes, that’s really their name - are so useful and versatile they should be in everyone’s assortment of tools. They were made to ensure your glass pieces stay fresh AF, offering superior cleaning abilities thanks to their XL size. 


For the Ladies

If you are a lady or are buying a gift for one, almost anything in our catalog would be appropriate, however, a lovely mermaid-esque piece from Street Kitty Glass is one of our top picks. If you want to spoil yourself, a sweet Egyptian hammer or a purple nebula pipe would be great additions to your collection. Our trippy glass jewelry pieces which include glass opals and mushrooms are always a good idea, and these are gorgeous and unique options.


For the Guys

For the fellas, there is no end to the great items you can score for yourself or give away to a lucky recipient. A stunning collector’s piece? A custom order? Our Tako Custom Mood Mat is a great functional and rad item, serving as cool decor with the Tako logo, and adding supreme protection to your floor in case of accidental drops. For the picky connoisseur, our Baller Tech pipe is sure to make even the most discerning smoker swoon. Literally, this color is out of this world!


Not Sure What to Get?

If you want some new gear but aren’t quite sure what to get, our steamrollers are pretty sick. These handy pieces are perfect for enjoying either on your own or with a group. These are also the very best gifts for the person you know who has everything. Eye-catching, great conversation starters, and lovely to look at, Tako Glass steam rollers are amazing!


Of course, our catalog is dedicated to a rather niche market, and that’s the beauty of our products; guaranteed, no two products are the same. Every Tako Glass product you give or receive this year is sure to be super unique. And who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind gift? The sentiment of thought, care, and artistry is sure to leave a lasting impression! So, if you’re looking for a way to spend that holiday cash, or you need a last-minute gift, look no further; we’ve got everything you need right here.