Glass Vegas Year Three!

We made it back to Glass Vegas again for this year's epic glass art show! This year’s trip was a little different because Beezy Glass, Tako’s wife, stayed back home with the kids and managed the shop while Tako and his dad took a boy's trip to Vegas to check out some sweet glass art. This was Tako Glasses third year attending the Glass Vegas Expo in the Las Vegas at the Convention center and the show did not disappoint!

Tako and his dad made the journey on Monday evening and hit the ground running the next day! Glass Vegas included three full days of functional and non-functional glass art, special events, and awards. Tako was absolutely thrilled to see all his old friends, vendors and fellow glass artists he’s worked with over the years. We are so stoked to share with you all the new glass that will be coming to Tako Glass and introduce the new artists we will be working with!


The expo has grown so much that this year they moved it to the Las Vegas Convention Center!  This convention center is known to be one of the most active facilities in the world with over 2 million square feet of exhibit space! As you could imagine, thousands of industry professionals were gathered under this one roof, ready to chat about their passion for glass. There was so much gorgeous glass to look at and so many artists, manufacturers, distributors and retailers for Tako to connect with. He definitely had his hands full in the best way!


Our team at Tako Glass were itching to get texts from Tako with pictures of the unique pieces featured at the glass event, and were left waiting in anticipation to see what ones he would snag to bring back to the shop. Tako found loads of insanely cool colorful pipes, whimsical mushroom pieces, and even Star Wars themed Sherlocks! Keep your eyes out in the next few weeks for new drops promoting the latest glass arrivals to the Tako Glass workshop,


Having his dad attend the glass expo with him only added to the legendary experience! Tako couldn’t express enough how cool it was to have his dad there to share his time and experience with him. Back in the day, Tako’s dad would hit the road with him going on trips to sell glass, so having him with him at the Glass Vegas expo brought back fond memories of the good old days, but this time being on the other side of the table purchasing and admiring new glass pieces. Tako loves sharing his passion for glass with the people around him, and having his dad as his right-hand man at the glass art show really made it a trip to remember.


Glass Vegas expo was truly an inspiration for Tako. From the creative new pieces he saw to the friendly faces of glass artists he’s met a million times or was just meeting for the first time, Tako came home feeling refreshed and ready to start blowing more exciting new glass pieces for you! There was an artist at the expo that even came up to Tako expressing how he purchased a Tako original glass pipe from him about 20 years ago in Cleveland. That artist was so stoked to get to meet Tako in person and buy a new pipe! It means the world to Tako and the whole team to meet artists and customers who are amped about Tako’s glass art. That's what fuels Tako's energy, keeping him motivated and inspired to keep creating glass pieces! Don't forget to check our website for new pieces dropping soon,!