Glass Skulls and Hash Hammers

   So it’s been a busy few months and boy does time fly. Our son is now three months old and he is a very happy, healthy baby. As a family we are finding our routine and baby boy has been sleeping through the night as needed. Mama is doing well and recovering quickly. She has even managed to get into the studio one day a week to blow glass. It’s usually a Saturday or a Sunday, I’ll take the two boys and we will watch football, or go cruise around the farmers market in downtown Sequim. I think Beezy (my wife) enjoys her break for the kids and Mom duty, even if its just for a day. For sure go check out her collection of new glass she has been making. I enjoy her mushroom pendants, mushroom pipes, and her frog pipes.


   Black Friday weekend and cyber Monday was a crazy busy time for us here at Tako Glass. Thank you so much for the support. Hopefully you got to get some good gifts for friends and family with all the specials we were running. We still have some rad sales going on right now!


   While we replenish our stock, keep your eyes peeled for new glass getting uploaded to the website. We got pretty low on our inventory after running all those sales. The good news is we get to restock from all of our favorite vendors.


   One of the vendors I’m really excited about is Deviant Glass, we haven’t had his art work all year because he is busy breeding, exotic snakes, and reptiles. He sends me pictures of his super rare, anacondas and alligators and frogs. They are so cool! And worth a ton of money I guess. Deviant made us some of his Softball sized glass human skull pipes. They are so detailed and life (or death) like. I have one of his skulls in my personal collection. I recommend grabbing one for yourself before they are gone again.


   The other vendor I’m really stoked to have back in stock is from KOP glass. He’s been doing a lot of construction work lately and so it’s been very hard to get a hold of his work. I’m glad that he took some time to make us an order of his hash hammers. They are very cool, they’re super fun to use, and not many people make a hash pipe. There is just something rad about smoking hash that always puts me in a good mood.


Enjoy your weekend, Tako