Glass Bong Blog

After you showed so much enthusiasm over the holidays, practically cleaning us out of glass bongs, we have been busy preparing for a restock! The time has nearly arrived for our next bong drop and we wanted to give you a little taste of what you will be seeing on our website in the next few weeks!

We have been working hard to load our shelves with a wide variety of glass bongs; from beaker bongs, to straight tube bongs, to mini bongs, and even new pull slides sold individually! We will be taking pictures and listing this coming week.

The past month has been a whirlwind making custom pieces and re-ordering from our special network of glass artists all in hopes of filling your smoking needs. Each product is fabulous and worth highlighting like the super cool space themed bongs depicting alien ufo's. 

In an effort to continue growing our glass business we have hired a new employee to help us fill the countless shipping orders going out nearly every day. We have so many great pieces coming in, the shop had to upgrade the storage situation. Tako made late night Home Depot runs to build more shelf space for the boxes of bongs flooding our warehouse. The Tako Glass team is so stoked to get our hot new inventory in your hands! Keep an eye out for this very special, and extremely huge drop coming your way.

Thank you for your patience. Our Tako Glass team can’t wait to get you smoking in style!