Get to Know the Artist: Sable Haze

This week we would like to introduce you guys to one of the amazing artists we get the privelege of working alongside. Meet Sable Haze!
Originally from Pennsylvania, Sable started working with glass while living in Massachusetts. While there a woman came to Sable's door and said, "I couldn't help but notice that hippies lived here. Would you like to buy some pipes?". Sable said obviously she did, and quickly became friends with the woman. The woman's husband ended up making Sable his apprentice, thus starting her life as a glass blower.  A few years into her glass blowing career she moved to Maine because she knew so many amazing glassblowers there. 
Sable Haze was introduced to art through her mom. She described her mom as an incredible artist, who had Sable drawing and crafting from a young age. Her first time working with glass was when she started creating stained glass in school taught by an amazing teacher named Mr. V. 
Drawing inspriation from art deco and surrealism, Sable creates dream like glass pieces. One of her favorite artists is Leonora Carrington, a British-Mexican surrealist painter and novelist who was one of the last surviving participants in the surrealist movement of the 1930s. Sable continues to stay creative and inspired by nature and all different kinds of color patterns.
When asked how she navigates the professional art industry and it's challenges she replied, "That's a hard one". Sable stated that she tries to stay true to her self and her own points of view, while being open to the potential to adapt at the same time. 
Over time Sable Haze's style has developed and changed. At the start of her glassblowing journey she said she didn't have a solidified style. Glass is really hard she declared, and at first she was just emulating things she had already seen in the glass world. Once she found her footing and gained more control on the torch, her style started to emerge more distinctly. Sable Haze's glass style is still evolving, but keeps a similar feel and tone to her foundation. 
Today, Sable lives in Portland Maine and works with a network of other artists. The local glass artists act as a community and family, supporting eachothers creativity. 
Looking at the massive glass blown pipe and bong industry, we asked Sable what her thoughts were on the matter. 
"Honestly, I love it. When I first started 20 years ago, there were barely any glassblowers and it was hard to learn new techniques. It was lonely. I love collaborating and being apart of such an amazing industry." 
Sable Haze's long term goal in life is to just be happy. As an artist she hopes to continue creating art and having the freedom she does to making things on her own. 
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